9 Reasons Why the Repeal of S59 Is a Bad Idea

  1. The existing law works.  The courts are the appropriate places to try exceptions.  Let’s not make new laws that drastically affect the majority for the sake of a tiny minority.
  2. Such a move (the repeal) creates more power to the Executive and less to the judiciary (which is anti-democratic).
  3. Section 59 allows acts of force that are reasonable in the course of discipline on children: to repeal S.59 means that any act on a child in discipline involving force, such as forcing a child to sit in the "naughty corner", or picking up a child who is having a tantrum and taking them for "time out" in another place, would essentially be an assault under the definition of the Crimes Act.
  4. S. 59 keeps decisions in the hands of the Judiciary over whether a child has been abused; this is an environment based on argument over fact and law.  Without S. 59, this means such decisions will be decided by the Executive, i.e. bureaucrats, which is a situation far more subjective and open to error.
  5. To remove force as a means of discipline over children means parents have no means of establishing boundaries over their children: children raised without boundaries are more likely to cause violence, not less.
  6. It is an act of abuse in itself to remove the ability of parents to apply force when necessary in the discipline of children: children need discipline and boundaries to feel safe and secure.
  7. If children are taken from their parents for any reason, what guarantees does the State provide that the children will be maintained in the "continuity in the child’s upbringing and to the child’s ethnic, religious, cultural and linguistic background" (Article 20 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child)?  In other words, children taken from a Christian home are entitled under the Convention to have that child remain in regular attendance of the church that they have been brought up in!
  8. I think the Christian Community need to make clarify both their position and the truth of the Scriptures publicly: Proverbs 13:24 clearly says, "He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him."  The Scripture tells us that physical discipline is part of bringing up a child, but only part of it: but we are being branded as if the focus of child upbringing is physical discipline (which is being twisted into us becoming abusers who hit our children).  We need a united front, and to stop the squabbling (which is getting worse and is helping no-one!)
  9. Article 5 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child tells us that the State has to respect the "responsibilities, rights and duties of parents".  I believe that the Bill to repeal S.59 is counter to this convention in this regard.

Family Integrity #120 — ideas for letter to Listener

Just a bit further to Family Integrity #119 about writing to the Listener editor. We were very happy with Joanne Black and what she wrote about us.

She was constrained by her Editor who wanted more of the repeal side in the article.

Things that we think would be good to write to the Editor about are:

Hands Off

  1. page 15 Sue Bradford says "a child’s right to be free from violence…" Section 59 is against violence
  2. page 17 Burrows this time "We don’t want to provide people with a recipe for beating their kids and getting away with it" Section 59 does not allow parents to beat their kids.
  3. page 17 Sue Bradford talks of people giving submissions where they were beaten as children. Section 59 does not let people beat their children. It is against the law to beat children.
  4. page 17 "Bradford, Borrows and Dunne are critical of aspects of the debate on the bill so far, especially from opposition Christian groups…."  It has been the way the media has represented the Christian groups that has not been good.
  5. page 19 Sue again "most people who have battered their kids, sometimes to death but more often so they are hospitalised…" Section 59 is no cover for this. This is abuse and there are laws against this.
  6. page 19 Sue wanted to call this the anti-beating bill. Sue is wrong the media is right. It is an anti-smackiing bill and a bill to repeal parental authority.  Beating is already against the law.

Page 16 – Zero Tolerance

  1. Dr Dawn Elder "abused children" this is against the law already. Section 59 is about protecting abused children – Section 59 must be reasonable in the circumstances. Abused children is not reasonable in the circumstances.
  2. "Violence in Families" – Which families. Disfunctional families not good loving families who use force by way of correction to train their children. (See my oral submission on www.FamilyIntegrity.org.nz)
  3. "Child abuse cases, including fatalities" these are child abuse and are against the law. This is not a controlled smack for training and correction.
  4. "This punishment has in most cases been delivered by caregivers who have a problem controlling their anger." This again is child abuse. When parents use force by way of correction and it is reasonable in the circumstances then it is not done in anger.
  5. "verbal and physical violence" is child abuse and is against the law
  6. Elder again "Smacking is not an effective form of discipline". It is very effective and quickly restores relationships.
  7. Elder again "When it (smacking) is done in anger, which most people would admit it often is". Only those who are abusing their children are doing it in anger. When smacking a child to correct and train it the parent is in perfect control.
  8. "Putting children on an equal footing with……dogs"  Is that how they see children. Dogs are trained, this bill will not allow for children to be trained. Children will be under the footing of dogs if they repeal Section 59.
  9. Yes lets have zero tolerance to child abuse but let us train our children using reasonable force which is reasonable in the circumstances.
    Elder wants to help parents who smack and wants to make sure that it does not happen again. WHICH MAY REQUIRE REMOVING CHILDREN FROM THE ENVIRONMENT FOR A WHILE,……

I had better stop there is more though look at "Death by Disciple" this is Child Abuse. This is nothing to do with Section 59.

Please write letters, emails, visit, txt, the Editor of Listener and your MPs.


Craig Smith
National Director
Family Integrity
PO Box 9064
Palmerston North
New Zealand
Ph: (06) 357-4399
Fax: (06) 357-4389

Our Home….Our Castle

Family Integrity # 119 — Listener Article

Smacking is the subject for the front cover of the Listener this week. http://www.listener.co.nz/issue/3463/7045.html

We’d like to suggest a strategy to kill a couple of birds with one stone.

Get a copy of the current Listener and read the articles. Write a letter to the Editor of the Listener, pointing out the many untruths in the articles. Section 59 is an excellent piece of legislation. When a child
is beaten to death that is the ultimate abuse, it is not a form of discipline. One of the logical conclusions from the articles is to ban all discipline of children….which in fact repeal of Section 59 will effectively accomplish.

http://www.FamilyIntegrity.org.nz has a lot of good information to help with writing letters to the Editor.

After writing the letter to the Editor then turn it into a letter to the MPs and send it to all MPs using this link: http://www.familyintegrity.org.nz/page/588413

Craig Smith
National Director
Family Integrity
PO Box 9064
Palmerston North
New Zealand
Ph: (06) 357-4399
Fax: (06) 357-4389

Our Home….Our Castle

Pope’s Muslim Comments

I ain’t no Catholic, but the over-reaction of the Muslim world to the comments by the Pope last week are proof that he’s right: they are violent and evil and stifle debate and illogical and not at all reasonable like Christianity.
Christianity = God of Reason, order and logic (Logos), creator of the Universe.
Islam = submission to a capricious Allah who is distant and unknowable and didn’t send his Son to show His love.

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Petition to the United Nations


Sign our petition to the U.N. today and stop Iran from getting the Bomb!

Dear Supporter of Israel,

I am sure you have been following the recent events in the Middle East with great concern as we have.  Iran has been supporting a terrorist war against Israel through Hamas and Hezbollah.  Iran’s president Ahmadinejad has publicly stated his desire to “wipe Israel off the map” and “Allah willing Islam will conquer all the mountain tops of the world.”

Now Ahmadinejad has restarted his country’s capacity to enrich uranium needed to create a nuclear bomb and closed all of its facilities to monitoring from the international community.  Iran has chosen to reject U.N. Security Council Resolution 1696 which requires the immediate suspension of all enrichment-related activities and strict monitoring by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

It’s time for the U.N. to act before it’s too late.

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In the latest Hezbollah offensive Iran supplied rocket launchers and RPGs to Hezbollah guerrillas for their assault on Israel.  As the world’s leading state sponsor of international terrorism, Iran is likely to sell or give nuclear weapons to terror groups like Hezbollah, Isalmic Jihad and Hamas.  These groups have terrorist cells throughout Europe and the U.S.

President Ahmadinejad has just announced that he may be coming to New York City to give a speech to the UN on September 19.

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What’s in the Palestinian Textbooks?


Dear HonestReporting Subscriber,

In areas under control of the Palestinian Authority, children are being indoctrinated into a culture of hate. At HonestReporting, we believe that this is a crucial issue that the media often ignore. Sometimes, the worst bias is what is not printed, rather than what is.

Please view this short film produced by our affiliate TeachKidsPeace.com. Then sign the petition to add your voice to the movement to draw more attention to this disturbing trend. Join us today in raising that challenge.


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ICR News for September, 2006

Institute for Creation Research



September 2006



New Morris Center Opens in Dallas

Dr. Henry M. MorrisDALLAS—Continuing the vision of founder Dr. Henry Morris, ICR begins operations at its new Henry M. Morris Center for Christian Leadership in Dallas, Texas in September. The launch of the Dallas center coincides with ICR’s RATE conference to be held on September 30, also in Dallas.

Dr. Henry M. Morris III, Executive Vice President of ICR, has been appointed by the board to lead this new strategic initiative, which will be guided by three overarching goals:

• Renewing minds
• Defending truth
• Transforming culture

The Morris Cente r will develop ICR’s Distance Education programs, which include the current online Master of Science degree in Science Education from the graduate school, as well as a planned online professional development program.

Additionally, the Morris Center will upgrade and manage our popular web portal, icr.org, providing up-to-date news, features, and additional resources to equip believers with evidences of creation and the Bible’s accuracy.

The Morris Center will focus its efforts on training Christian leaders on all strata of society. Ministry and marketplace professionals will have access to courses, conferences, seminars, and resources designed to assist them in mentoring those in their charge with solid biblical worldview principles for living.

Pray for God’s guidance and blessings upon Dr. Morris and his staff as they launch this new work for the expansion of ICR’s mission.

"ICR exists not just to bring scientists to Christ,
but to win science back for Christ."
Henry M. Morris

Film to Highlight Legacy of ICR Founder

SANTEE—How does your worldview impact those around you? Can one man change the course of science for generations to come? Find out in Faithful Messenger for the Creator, the long-awaited film about the life and legacy of Dr. Henry M. Morris, set to be released this fall. The multi-disc documentary features dramatization and testimonials from personalities such as Tim LaHaye, John Whitcomb, Duane Gish, and others who knew the man and his message.


ICR Museum Day

SANTEE—September 30th is Museum Day in Santee. In conjunction with the Smithsonian Museum Day, ICR scientists will be on-hand to interact with visitors and give talks on “African Eve,” “Mt. Saint Helens,” and “Design in Nature.” Doors open at 9:00 AM. Refreshments will be available. Go to icr.org/museum for directions.


$48 Million Criswell Center to Host RATE Scientists

DALLAS—First Baptist Church of Dallas is hosting ICR’s popular RATE Conference on September 30, the first gathering to be held in the new state-of-the-art Criswell Center located on the church campus in downtown Dallas.

Support Image 175x70

RATE (Radiometric Dating and the Age of the Earth) will present the astounding results of an 8-year study on conventional dating methods. “Thousands, not Billions: A Young Earth Conference,” the name of the gathering, describes precisely the evidence uncovered by the RATE team scientists.

Speakers include Dr. John Baumgardner, Dr. Russell Humphreys, Dr. Henry M. Morris III, Dr. Andrew Snelling, and Dr. Larry Vardiman.

Scientists Dump Pluto

Read Frank Sherwin’s article on the Pluto-Xena controversy. Neo-Darwinism should be considered as carefully as Pluto has been.

Yosemite Tour

ICR is leading a field study tour to the Yosemite and Death Valley National Parks from September 16- 23.

Throughout the year, ICR faculty and scientists host domestic and international tours to sites of interest to creation research, exploring the many wonders of God’s creation and uncovering the evidences of the Bible’s authority and accuracy in the creation account.

Contact Cindy Gabay at (619) 448- 0900 x6034 or email tours@icr.org for information about this and other memorable science adventures from ICR.


ICR is pleased to introduce the following new employees to the ministry:

Dr. Eddie Miller—COO, Santee
Jane Lewis—Human Resources
Manager, Santee
Donna Montgomery
Receptionist, Santee
Eileen Turner—Administrative
Coordinator, Dallas
Daryl Robbins—Web Programmer,
Sheryl Cook—Web Coordinator, Dallas






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