Crocodile Hunter Dies

It is with great sadness that the world learned yesterday that Steve Irwin has died from a sting ray barb through his heart.  Steve was a hero in our household, because of his fearless determination and rugged manliness.  I don’t mind admitting that I took the kids to his movie, and enjoyed it for what it was worth: not great cinema, but a fun adventure.  Click here for more details about his death.

Although he was an environmentalist, he wasn’t an eco-terrorist.  This means that he seemed to understand the balance right: humans have superior rights over animals to use the environment for our advantage, but equally we are responsible to ensure the survival of our bio-diversity.  He didn’t seem to be a Gaia worshipper.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, Terri, Bindi and Bob.

His passing is made all the sadder by the fact he never publicly acknowledge Jesus in this life.  As it is written, Jesus said "if you deny me in this life, I will deny you to the Father when you stand before me for judgment."


HUGE Backdown by MinEd

At last, something for Christians to crow about (I know, sin of pride,  but boy THIS is something worth celebrating).  I just heard on National Radio Steve Mahary (sp?) was forced to back down from attempting to "clarify" the Ministry’s guidelines on Religious Instruction from "opt-out" to "opt-in".
Thank you New Zealand, you have finally forced Labour to realise they cannot radically alter the face of NZ society by stealth. 
Make no mistake: I predict that this is not the end of this issue.  It’s too important to the radical, anti-God element within Labour to let go.  Next will come a Private Members Bill to force the issue once more.
But in the meantime, our children may still be taught some of the beauty and legacy that is the Bible.  They can still sing the old hymns in school assembly.  And just maybe, some of them will listen to the words and realise they too need to make a personal decision to follow Christ if they want to avoid Hell.  Or at least realise that there is Someone watching over them who loves them, wants what is best for them, and doesn’t want them to tag that building.

Red Cross Ambulance Libel Exposed

(From another email circular sent to me, dated Wednesday 30 August 2006).




Dear HonestReporting Subscriber,

One of the most serious accusations leveled against Israel during the recent Lebanon conflict was that the IDF had deliberately targeted Red Cross ambulances. According to an AP report on July 24, Israeli jets blasted two Lebanese ambulances with rockets on the previous day, striking right in the middle of the red cross that was painted on top of the ambulance in a clear violation of humanitarian and international law. Six ambulance workers and three civilians were wounded. Amateur video provided by an ambulance worker showed one large hole and several smaller ones in the roof of one ambulance and a large hole in the roof of the second. Both were destroyed.

In the coming days, other international media outlets reported this story with considerable embellishments, including ITV News (click to see video), Time Magazine, the Guardian, Boston Globe, The Age, NBC News and, finally, the New York Times, some six days later.

The following claims that appeared in the media are comprehensively debunked in a damning report by the Zombietime blog (HonestRep orting recommends reading the full text):

  • An Israeli missile pierced the exact center of the red cross on the roof of the ambulance in the first photo above.
  • The attack happened on July 23.
  • There was a huge explosion inside the ambulance.
  • There was an intense fire inside that same ambulance.
  • A man lying on a gurney inside the ambulance had his leg sheared off by the missile.
  • The ambulance driver who reported the incident was injured in the attack.
  • The Lebanese ambulance drivers are politically neutral and would have no motivation to lie.

The report, using photographic evidence, finds that each of these claims spread by the international media is, in fact, false. 

HonestReporting commends Fox News (click to see video), the only media outlet to cover this story of an apparent anti-Israel hoax. Fox states that comparisons of different photos of the vehicle in question and similar vehicles indicate that the hole in the roof had been there all along, previously filled by a vent. In addition, a comparison between a number of pictures of the ambulance show considerable rust around apparent bullet holes, indicating that whatever damage had been done to it occurred long before the recent conflict.

(To express your appreciation for Fox News’ coverage, e-mail presenter Brit Hume –

Zombietime offers a possible explanation for what really happened, speculating that two previously damaged and rusting ambulances were intentionally further damaged, amateur video footage was taken of the ambulances and Red Cross workers feigned minor injuries, claiming that their ambulances had been attacked by Israeli missiles. Despite journalists’ reliance on pre-packaged footage and no proof that the other "victims" of the attack in the hospital were actually from the alleged incident, the Western press broadcast the story as fact without properly verifying such serious charges.

Why has the mainstream media not reported this hoax and admitted its mistake? HonestReporting calls upon its subscribers to contact the following media outlets and ask them the same question.


Caroline Glick writes in the Jerusalem Post about the ambulance hoax as well as Reuters’ report that an Israeli missile had been fired at one of its press vehicles, injuring two cameramen. Glick, however, states that one of the cameramen, Fadel Shada (who works for Iranian World TV network):

claims to have been wounded by shrapnel in his hand and leg. These are minor injuries for someone whose vehicle was just hit by a missile.

But then, the photographs taken of his vehicle after the purported missile attack give no indication that the car was hit by anything. There is a gash on the roof. The hood is bent out of shape. But nothing seems to have been burned. Cars hit by missi les do not look like they have just been in a nasty accident. Cars hit by missiles are destroyed.

Yet the glass on the windshield and the windows of Shana’s vehicle isn’t even shattered. In the photographs taken of Shana on the way to the hospital in Gaza, he lies on a stretcher, eyes closed, arm extended in full pieta mode. He is not visibly bleeding although there are some blood stains on his shirt, but then his undershirt is completely white.

Is this another staged incident? To read the full article, click here.


As Israel begins to rehabilitate its northern regions and tries to counter the effects of conflict on its residents and economy, many of you have asked how you can help in these efforts. On e way is to sign up for HonestReporting’s Leadership Mission from 14-20 November 2006. Not only will your solidarity contribute to the Israeli economy and tourist industry, but our special program of exclusive briefings and tours as well as meetings with top professionals in their fields, will give you the full picture of what really went on during the recent conflict, and the extent to which the Media influenced events.

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Family Integrity #115 — Children’s Commissioner Fibs

(From a circular email to me dated 26 August 2006 – last weekend)

Dear Friends,

What do you make of this?

Thursday 25 May 2006 was the first sitting of the Justice and Electoral Select Committee to consider submissions on MP Sue Bradford’s Bill to repeal Section 59. Ten submitters presented talks, all for the Bill.

The final presenter was the Children’s Commissioner, Cindy Kiro. One of the Committee members pointed out to her that the letter from Dr Jack of the Office of the Police Commissioner (Rob Robinson at the time) of 11 August 2005 to Family Integrity made it clear that any smacking would be an assault. Kiro then said she contacted the Police Commissioner (she didn’t say when or which of the three men who’ve held the Commissioner’s position in the past year) who said he hadn’t "signed the letter off" and that he wasn’t happy about it. This prompted Committee member Ann Hartley to exclaim, "Oh, I didn’t know that letter was unauthorised."

I wrote to the new Police Commissioner, Howard Broad, on 22 August 2006 and asked if he considered the letter of 11 August 2005 to be accurate and authoritative. His reply to me dated 23 August said, "I have reviewed the letter sent to you by Mr Jack on 11 August 2005 and his advice is both accurate and authoritative."

In my book, when someone says something to deliberately create a false impression, it is known as telling a lie. It is a direct violation of the 9th Commandment (You shall not bear false witness – Exodus 20:16). That a false impression was given was remarkably well confirmed and enunciated on the spot by Labour MP Ann Hartley ("Oh, I didn’t know that letter was unauthorised").

If the Commissioner had a case for repealing Section 59, you wouldn’t expect she’d feel the need to stoop to such tactics.

Craig Smith
National Director
Family Integrity
PO Box 9064
Palmerston North
New Zealand
Ph: (06) 357-4399
Fax: (06) 357-4389

Our Home….Our Castle


The church should be relevant to society. It should serve the community in two ways:

  1. Serving their practical needs;
  2. Serving their deeper, spiritual needs.

Did you know that, despite the New Zealand scene, on the whole, churches are growing? This is occurring naturally, because Jesus is alive and is building His Church – the universal, invisible group of born-again believers from all denominations who love and serve Him. No wonder then that Christianity is the number one faith in the world in terms of growth and size. But, we are in a spiritual battle for the souls of all people. Therefore, the Church serves the community of believers in two ways:

  1. As army barracks – to get our marching orders; and
  2. As hospital room – to patch up our weekly wounds.


"In a democracy," I think it was John F. Kennedy who said, "the price of freedom is constant vigilance." This means, every individual taking the time to make themselves acquainted with the issues of the day, and doing something about improving them. "If you don’t vote, you can’t complain." Beyond that, I also hope to represent my people in New Zealand government. 

New Zealander’s:

Now is the time to stand up and be counted. For too long this country has been under the yoke of parties who are greedy for power.  But you can make a difference!

We all know that minority parties have members that are standing for ideals.  This election you can do two things

  1. Vote the same way as last election and see the status quo continue; or 
  2. Vote for the best person in your electorate and use your party vote to vote for a minority party. This will put a greater range of parties into parliament allowing truer representations of idea’s and opinions, of New Zealanders, being heard.

If you agree with the above, party vote for minority parties this coming election.

Creation vs Evolution

Elsewhere in these pages, you can read about how I became a Christian through logical evidence for Creationism. Therefore, I love to discuss this topic. Basically, there are three explanations for evolution, all of which may be logically refuted:

  1. The Fossil Record
    See my post on The Ascent of Man
  2. Rock Dating / Old Earth Theory
    See my post on Young Earth
  3. Species Adaptation / Genetic Mutation
    See my post on Mutations

Since all three can be refuted then what remains is the hope of finding "the missing link". In other words, Evolution vs. Creation is not Science vs. Religion but it is Faith vs. Faith.

Setting the record straight.