Pope’s Muslim Comments

I ain’t no Catholic, but the over-reaction of the Muslim world to the comments by the Pope last week are proof that he’s right: they are violent and evil and stifle debate and illogical and not at all reasonable like Christianity.
Christianity = God of Reason, order and logic (Logos), creator of the Universe.
Islam = submission to a capricious Allah who is distant and unknowable and didn’t send his Son to show His love.

Sign our petition to the U.N. Today and stop Iran from getting the Bomb

Petition to the United Nations


Sign our petition to the U.N. today and stop Iran from getting the Bomb!

Dear Supporter of Israel,

I am sure you have been following the recent events in the Middle East with great concern as we have.  Iran has been supporting a terrorist war against Israel through Hamas and Hezbollah.  Iran’s president Ahmadinejad has publicly stated his desire to “wipe Israel off the map” and “Allah willing Islam will conquer all the mountain tops of the world.”

Now Ahmadinejad has restarted his country’s capacity to enrich uranium needed to create a nuclear bomb and closed all of its facilities to monitoring from the international community.  Iran has chosen to reject U.N. Security Council Resolution 1696 which requires the immediate suspension of all enrichment-related activities and strict monitoring by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

It’s time for the U.N. to act before it’s too late.

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In the latest Hezbollah offensive Iran supplied rocket launchers and RPGs to Hezbollah guerrillas for their assault on Israel.  As the world’s leading state sponsor of international terrorism, Iran is likely to sell or give nuclear weapons to terror groups like Hezbollah, Isalmic Jihad and Hamas.  These groups have terrorist cells throughout Europe and the U.S.

President Ahmadinejad has just announced that he may be coming to New York City to give a speech to the UN on September 19.

The Israel Project is sponsoring a petition to U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan to help organize the international community and stop Iran’s terrorist offenses. Help us deliver a petition with tens of thousands of signatures.

The Israel Project works to educate the public and the media concerning Israel, but we need your help to make peace and security for Israel a reality.  Help us make a difference.  Sign our petition today and forward it to your friends, family and colleagues.

Click here to sign the petition today and forward to others.

Thank you for your support,

Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi
Founder and President
Israel Project

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What’s in the Palestinian Textbooks?


Dear HonestReporting Subscriber,

In areas under control of the Palestinian Authority, children are being indoctrinated into a culture of hate. At HonestReporting, we believe that this is a crucial issue that the media often ignore. Sometimes, the worst bias is what is not printed, rather than what is.

Please view this short film produced by our affiliate TeachKidsPeace.com. Then sign the petition to add your voice to the movement to draw more attention to this disturbing trend. Join us today in raising that challenge.


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ICR News for September, 2006

Institute for Creation Research



September 2006



New Morris Center Opens in Dallas

Dr. Henry M. MorrisDALLAS—Continuing the vision of founder Dr. Henry Morris, ICR begins operations at its new Henry M. Morris Center for Christian Leadership in Dallas, Texas in September. The launch of the Dallas center coincides with ICR’s RATE conference to be held on September 30, also in Dallas.

Dr. Henry M. Morris III, Executive Vice President of ICR, has been appointed by the board to lead this new strategic initiative, which will be guided by three overarching goals:

• Renewing minds
• Defending truth
• Transforming culture

The Morris Cente r will develop ICR’s Distance Education programs, which include the current online Master of Science degree in Science Education from the graduate school, as well as a planned online professional development program.

Additionally, the Morris Center will upgrade and manage our popular web portal, icr.org, providing up-to-date news, features, and additional resources to equip believers with evidences of creation and the Bible’s accuracy.

The Morris Center will focus its efforts on training Christian leaders on all strata of society. Ministry and marketplace professionals will have access to courses, conferences, seminars, and resources designed to assist them in mentoring those in their charge with solid biblical worldview principles for living.

Pray for God’s guidance and blessings upon Dr. Morris and his staff as they launch this new work for the expansion of ICR’s mission.

"ICR exists not just to bring scientists to Christ,
but to win science back for Christ."
Henry M. Morris

Film to Highlight Legacy of ICR Founder

SANTEE—How does your worldview impact those around you? Can one man change the course of science for generations to come? Find out in Faithful Messenger for the Creator, the long-awaited film about the life and legacy of Dr. Henry M. Morris, set to be released this fall. The multi-disc documentary features dramatization and testimonials from personalities such as Tim LaHaye, John Whitcomb, Duane Gish, and others who knew the man and his message.


ICR Museum Day

SANTEE—September 30th is Museum Day in Santee. In conjunction with the Smithsonian Museum Day, ICR scientists will be on-hand to interact with visitors and give talks on “African Eve,” “Mt. Saint Helens,” and “Design in Nature.” Doors open at 9:00 AM. Refreshments will be available. Go to icr.org/museum for directions.


$48 Million Criswell Center to Host RATE Scientists

DALLAS—First Baptist Church of Dallas is hosting ICR’s popular RATE Conference on September 30, the first gathering to be held in the new state-of-the-art Criswell Center located on the church campus in downtown Dallas.

Support Image 175x70

RATE (Radiometric Dating and the Age of the Earth) will present the astounding results of an 8-year study on conventional dating methods. “Thousands, not Billions: A Young Earth Conference,” the name of the gathering, describes precisely the evidence uncovered by the RATE team scientists.

Speakers include Dr. John Baumgardner, Dr. Russell Humphreys, Dr. Henry M. Morris III, Dr. Andrew Snelling, and Dr. Larry Vardiman.

Scientists Dump Pluto

Read Frank Sherwin’s article on the Pluto-Xena controversy. Neo-Darwinism should be considered as carefully as Pluto has been.

Yosemite Tour

ICR is leading a field study tour to the Yosemite and Death Valley National Parks from September 16- 23.

Throughout the year, ICR faculty and scientists host domestic and international tours to sites of interest to creation research, exploring the many wonders of God’s creation and uncovering the evidences of the Bible’s authority and accuracy in the creation account.

Contact Cindy Gabay at (619) 448- 0900 x6034 or email tours@icr.org for information about this and other memorable science adventures from ICR.


ICR is pleased to introduce the following new employees to the ministry:

Dr. Eddie Miller—COO, Santee
Jane Lewis—Human Resources
Manager, Santee
Donna Montgomery
Receptionist, Santee
Eileen Turner—Administrative
Coordinator, Dallas
Daryl Robbins—Web Programmer,
Sheryl Cook—Web Coordinator, Dallas






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The Salt Shaker Letter #70: The Trouble with the Treaty of Waitangi



 The Salt Shaker Letter No.70                              September 2006



The Trouble with the Treaty





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The trouble with the Treaty of Waitangi is that it was conceived  in the ethos of a Christian world view by the colonial office and the  missionaries and also signed by the Maori chiefs on that basis. That fact is ignored by a secular government and  non-believing Maori when the question is asked “ What is the spirit of the Treaty?”.


The Tribunal is making an honest attempt to remedy the breaches of the Spirit of the Treaty in terms of money and land. For most Maori it is a matter of mana (prestige, pride or self respect) and redress that is driven by the  spirit of utu, (pay-back, revenge, restoring the balance).  Mana and utu kept the Tribes fighting each other for centuries and unfortunately they are still deep-seated and highly regarded. The call for justice camouflages a deeply offended mana. Pride and pay-back are not confined to the Maori culture. They are universal as in Yugoslavia and Ireland in recent times and among the clans of Scotland in earlier years. There are injustices that must be remedied, but using the Treaty to satisfy Mana and Utu is not in the Spirit of the Treaty.



Those roots are found in British colonial policy, reformed by men whose worldview had been transformed by the Wesleyan revival in Britain in the early 19th century. Previously Britain had subjugated coLonised peoples such as the Indians, Africans and North Americans. The Treaty of Waitangi was the forerunner of the reformed  policy whereby  indigenous people were given equality of British citizenship with the British settlers.  Although most New Zealanders are aware that the Treaty of Waitangi was unique, in that it was the first such treaty, few appear to understand that it was rooted in the Great Evangelical Awakening of the early 19th century, when many British leaders had been transformed. Wilberforce fought against slavery, Lord Teignmouth, was responsible for allowing Missionaries to work in India and Shaftsbury introduced legislation to improve conditions in the factories of the industrial revolution. The undersecretary for the Colonies, James Stephen and the Colonial Secretary, Lord Dartmouth, had both become keen evangelicals and were friends of Wesley. As a result of their influence the colonial policy was drastically reformed with the object of treating the indigenous people Christianly. It was the colonial Office that instructed Capt. Hobson to formulate a treaty with the Maori chiefs in this spirit.


The Anglican CMS missionaries who arrived in 1814, had also been influenced by the Awakening. The Maori tribes were viciously fighting each other with newly discovered muskets, in what became known as the musket wars. They were cannibals who enslaved members of other tribes, some of whom were eaten. When they discovered that traders would pay good money for tattooed heads, some tattooed their slaves, killed them and sold the heads. There was precious little Arohanui. The isthmus on which Auckland was built had been heavily populated, but when the missionaries visited there, it was completely devoid of human habitation. The local Ngati Whatua tribe had fled from the Ngapuhi tribe to the protection  of the Tainui chief, Te Whero Whero at Ngaruawahia.


The missionaries successfully stopped the fighting and  thousands welcomed  the Christian gospel some years before Capt Hobson arrived to propose the treaty.  Peace reigned throughout the land. It was with these converted Maoris that Hobson was able to negotiate. The Treaty could not have been achieved without the remarkable work of those missionaries, who would determinedly go to where a fight was to take place and stand between the warring tribes. Some modern historians who are trying to rewrite history are committing a gross injustice by disparaging those missionaries.


Unfortunately many settlers and some governors who cared little for the new Christian policies of the Colonial office, treated the Maoris the same as other indigenous people had been treated and confiscated land that the Treaty had promised would not be taken. When some of the Tribes who had become Christian complained and took non-violent action such as removing the survey pegs, they were attacked by soldiers and police and jailed.  War ensued and the lands remained confiscated.


Bewilderment and confusion reigned among the Maoris who had expected that all the British would be Christian like the missionaries.  When they discovered that the government was not on their side, an attempt was made to create unity under an elected Maori King, Te Whero Whero, of the powerful Tainui tribe in the Waikato.


However, twenty years after the signing of the Treaty, there was still a lot of goodwill towards the British, based on their new Christian faith. In 1860,  Governor Gore-Browne  called a large meeting of chiefs to discover what their attitude was.  This is an extract from Donald McLean’s speech   ..….Christian principles have ruled the conduct of the British government in these islands. The policy pursued has been one of uniform kindness and in accordance with the precepts of Christianity”.           


The following quotes are typical of the responses made by 46 of those gathered chiefs.

Paora Tuhaere of Ngati Whatua, Auckland“ The Pakeha have their councils and the Maori have their separate councils, but this is wrong. Evil results from these councils not being one. I am desirous that the minds of the Europeans and the Maori should be brought into unison with each other”….. the benefits we received from the governor are Christianity and the law.

Ihakara Tokanui : Manawatu “ In former times the evil that prevailed in this land was war: now the gospel has been received………when Christianity came, then for the first time were made manifest the good things of the Pakeha and the evil things of the Maori”.

Parawhau ; Whangarei. “ It was the Pakeha that planted love among us, (referring to the former exterminating wars carried out by the Ngapuh, of which he was a chief.


No wonder they were confused and disillusioned by the subsequent  behaviour of the government. A fuller account of that meeting can be found at www.saltshaker.org.nz, in the Salt Shaker Letter No. 44 November 2004 


Although the Maori tribes still have a genuine grievance because of mistreatment, and rightly call for a recognition of the Treaty, we all need to recognise that their right of redress only exists because the treaty was framed in the ethos of a Christian worldview. Before 1840  the Colonial policy of conquest would have given them no such rights nor would they have had any such rights under their own Maori culture. When one Maori tribe conquered another there was no saying, “This is not fair”. Might was right.


Can reconciliation be affected by people who do not understand what Parawhau was talking about and that the origin of love is not found in laws, but in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ? The Love of God is not a matter of private personal concern only, it is also the basis for community and national relationships. Another sixty five years after that 1860 meeting, Ratana, an ardent supporter of the Treaty, was approached to engage in politics for the Treaty to be recognised and breaches redressed.

His reply was, ”The Bible first, then the Treaty”. He was right.  What a tragedy he was not heeded.  Separation of church and state does not mean that biblical principles are of no value. It was Christianity that was responsible for the Treaty. That is a historical fact. It is time that both Maori and Pakeha recognised that a successful conclusion to negotiations calls for a recognition of the roots of the Treaty, otherwise it is not a basis for negotiations.  Mana and utu have no place in that Treaty, but they will dominate relationships far into the future unless the true spirit of the treaty is recognised.




PK Wellington is this coming weekend! Here’s some info.


We are ramping up for an awesome Event in Wellington this coming weekend. So far
the Events have really been up a few notches over previous years. The guys are
stoked, the speakers and musos are going for it and God is in the house!
There is a real sense that God is moving more powerfully than ever before at PK.
Without God we can do nothing. It is fantastic that He is there and He truly is
releasing His power in men’s lives.
More men are attending than last year – about 10% more in the
South Island. And they
are liking it better! We know because of the comments and also they are voting
with their wallets. Pre-registrations for 2007 are double last year’s figures.
That is great satisfaction!

This is what they are saying already about UNLEASHED Events:

Every year Promise Keepers continues to rise to meet the men’s needs.
The changes always seem to be just right for that particular conference.


As this was my first, it was all quite an amazing experience.  I knew nothing about PK
coming into this event so some things were a bit “strange” to me.  It was wonderful how
at the beginning of the Friday session I was feeling quite jaded from a long day, but as
the evening progressed I was filled with an amazing joy and excitement about the
prospective relationship that I have opened my life to with Jesus. My life has been quite
scattered but I feel now guidance is available through Jesus Christ to bring me closer to
God.  Thank you for this introduction.                                                                           Tony                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Good fast-paced program with very good drama, testimonies and speakers. 
A highlight was going with one friend as he publicly dedicated his life to Jesus

It has encouraged me to take action relying on the Holy Spirit to take my stand, to be a
man of courage, to be more Christ-like and to be of influence in the lives of others.             Sam                                                                                                                                                     

I was sitting one hand on my family photo, the other hand facing the front. The
Holy Spirit hit me – I had a river of tears and they just flowed out of me. Tears
of gratitude and joy… It just fills me up spiritually.
We run a food bank.  Such a lot
of broken people. [We] speak life into them, go to the prisons.  We do a lot with
people in early recovery.  It’s great to have a spiritual filled weekend for my own


Program design and execution matches the best in my church and military
and worker experience.  “Well done!”.
Pastor Neal

There was a strong presence of God’s spirit which touched everyone I’m sure. 
The people going forward to receive Christ as Saviour was amazing to behold.

All links go to pages of Promise Keepers website

REGISTER – All rego info. Register online until midday Thursday before the Event

WELLINGTON –  Specific info for this Event

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GROUPS – Lots of helpful info for Group Leaders

PROMO – Resources to promote Auckland and Wellington Events

PROMO DVD – Watch our new DVD online

TRANSITION – Website about our "Transition" youth Event

                     Coming up…

Are you serious about developing Ministry with Men in your church?
Then come along to one of these seminars which will:

· Help those getting started or developing Men’s Ministry
· Look specifically at sustaining a successful Men’s Ministry over the long term

Promise Keepers Coaching will be running seminars and also be available for
personal appointments in these centres:

Tauranga            Tuesday    10 October       Faithway Christian Centre
19 Amber Crescent, Judea
Hamilton             Thursday   12 October       All Saints Community Church
Cnr Sandwich Rd & Cecil St, Bryant Park
Wellington          Tuesday     31 October       Lower Hutt Assembly of God
22 Marsden Street.
Nelson                Thursday 2 November        Spring of
Life Elim Church
625 Main Road, Stoke.
Whangarei         Tuesday       7 November   
Whangarei Central Baptist Church
202 Bank Street.
Auckland            Thursday      9 November    Eden Assembly of God Church
1 Taylors Road, Morningside

 Contact the PK Office for more information.

Choice of morning or evening seminars:
10am-12noon or

UNLEASHED is going really well James. Come along – we
think you will be blessed and enjoy new freedom.

 Promise Keepers appreciates the support of New Zealand‘s RHEMA network       


How To Make a Formal Complaint

Have you had a gutsful of the broadcasters in this country continually dragging the tone of our nation down?  If so, why not join me in making a formal complaint against them?
In particular this evening, I just witnessed an ad on TV3 for "Outrageous Fortune" which played at 6:39pm containing graphic images and sound bites of sexual activity.  This is unacceptable and breaches the standards of "the observance of good taste and decency".  It breaches the Authority’s regulations on "the protection of children".  Click here for a full guide on how to lodge a formal complaint.
In brief, write to the Chief Executive outlining exactly what incident you are complaining about (like I did above), and which standard you believe it has breached.  They must respond to you in 21 days.  You must send your complaint in writing.  Write to:
Chief Executive
PO Box 1334

Setting the record straight.