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ICR "Acts & Facts" Online – October 2006

PRESIDENT’S COLUMN – Creation Evangelism This Christmas
IMPACT No. 400 – Presidential Support for Creationism
BACK TO GENESIS (a) – Are All Men Created Equal?
BACK TO GENESIS (b) – Creation and the Bird Flu
BACK TO GENESIS (c) – The Fossil Record: Commending the Gnostics
BACK TO GENESIS (d) – Mature at Birth: Universe Discredits Evolution
STEWARDSHIP – Renewing Minds . . . Transforming Culture
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PRESIDENT’S COLUMN: Creation Evangelism This Christmas

In this column I have often discussed the use of creation in evangelism; in fact, how creation is foundational to the whole Christian message. The gospel is woven into the creation message, how our mighty Creator made things "very good" (Genesis 1:31) in the beginning, and placed man in a gracious Paradise with the intention that he live forever, in perfect fellowship with his Creator.

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IMPACT No. 400 – Presidential Support for Creationism

Several recent American presidents have openly supported creation thinking. A few "on the r ecord" statements of these presidents in support of their belief in creationism are reviewed below.

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BACK TO GENESIS: BTG 214(a) – Are All Men Created Equal?

It is good to remind ourselves, from time to time, that the foundational charter of America, the Declaration of Independence, is a creationist document. Our founding fathers separated from England by citing the Biblical truth that all men are created equal.

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BACK TO GENESIS: BTG 214(b) – Creation and the Bird Flu

We are all familiar with the unpleasant viral condition called influenza, or the flu. Adam and Eve were not created with viral diseases. Such pathogens were the result of the Fall (Genesis 3). Since then, history has shown tragic influen za outbreaks worldwide, including the epidemic of 1918 where …

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BACK TO GENESIS: BTG 214(c) – The Fossil Record: Commending the Gnostics

What a man does with the fossil record tells a lot about his worldview. Is it the result of a world-covering deluge? Or did this sorry chronicle of pain, suffering, and death precede humans (and the reign of death) by millions of years? A lot hangs on this question.

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BACK TO GENESIS: BTG 214(d) – Mature at Birth: Universe Discredits Evolution

Critics of recent creation ridicule the belief that a universe so vast, composed of so many diverse phenomena and processes running at diverse rates, could be fit into a few thousand years. They are less likely to acknowledge the ma ny and severe problems with an old, evolutionary universe.

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STEWARDSHIP: Renewing Minds . . . Transforming Culture

Dr. Henry Morris was a gifted scientist, educator, and Biblical apologist who pioneered the creation science movement over 45 years ago. But he was also a man of great spiritual passion, deeply devoted to the will of God, which he continually insisted reached far beyond the obvious battle for creation.
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Family Integrity # 121 — New DVDs

Dear Friends, 

Family Integrity has produced three DVDs to fully inform you and your friends and family about the issues surrounding Bradford’s Bill to repeal our authority as parents by repealing Seciton 59.

The first has three parts: Renton Maclachlan exposes some of the lies and slander the media have promoted and makes a unique appeal using Lord of the Rings imagery to us to get informed and involved. Then I explain the main issues around repeal of Section 59. Then there is an interview with Swedish lawyer Ruby Harrold-Cleasson explaining the mess Sweden is in as a result of similar legislation there.

The second DVD is Ruby’s presentation of the sad facts surrounding the Swedish Experiment and how it has led to state abuse of families and children.

In the third DVD I get to square off with MPs Sue Bradford and Peter Dunne in a Forum held on the issue 28 August 2006 at Khandallah Presbyterian Church in Wellington. This one is a lot of fun! The thinking of each of us is more fully exposed for all to see.

Visit our website at and view from the home page a couple of wee video clips, one advertising all 3 DVDs and the other showing Bradford’s creative use of stats.

Your purchase will help Family Integrity ensure each MP will get a copy of each and you can also use your DVDs to pass around your friends, relations, church congregation, etc. It is important that we move NOW because time is short: the Select Committee is due to report back to Parliament on this Bill by 31 October and the vote will be sometime after that.


Craig Smith

The Power of the Pen

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September 19, 2006

The Power of the Pen


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Dear HonestReporting Subscriber,

As events in the Mideast revert back to a deceptive state of calm, HonestReporting updates subscribers on recent developments, news and some media responses to your many letters and e-mails.


  • Zombietime’s extensive investigation into the Red Cross Ambulance Incident and HonestReporting’s subsequent communique on the issue prompted a flood of letters to various media outlets demanding another look at their initial reporting of the story. While Brit Hume of Fox News is probably gushing thanks to the number of appreciative e-mails for his coverage, the number of complaints to the Guardian, amongst others, grabbed the attention of Readers’ Editor, Ian Mayes. Unsurprisingly, given the Guardian’s track record, Mayes concluded that Zombietime’s case had not been proven at all, even quoting correspondent Suzanne Goldenberg, who remained "confident that the story was true". Zombietime, however, comprehensively deals with the refutations of the Guardian and other media outlets that attempted to defend their coverage.


  • The deluge of complaints to South Africa’s Mail & Guardian following our communique on Ronnie Kasrils’ anti-Israel diatribe raised the ire of the paper, which dedicated an editorial to the letters that it had received. While criticism of Israeli policy is legitimate, the M&G failed to realize that questioning Israel‘s very legitimacy had gone beyond that. We do, however, give credit to the paper for publishing a detailed response to Kasrils by Joel Pollak.


  • In the same communique, we noted some distorted headlines in relation to the infiltration of the British Embassy in Tel Aviv. Responding to e-mails from HR subscribers, the BBC toned down and amended its original headline. While a minor improvement, it does not go far enough. Subscribers can initiate a further amendment by writing to the BBC Complaints website.


While HonestReporting’s communiques and website reach countless numbers of people around the world, we recognize that a human face is also important. In response to overwhelming requests for speaker events, engagements, community action and local initiatives, we are proud to announce the appointment of Gary Kenzer, our National USA Executive Director, who will be traveling the length and breadth of the country on behalf of HonestReporting. If you would like to invite Gary to your community, he can be contacted at


While the volume of letters to media outlets from HonestReporting subscribers is causing editors to sit up and take notice, the quality of those letters is extremely important if the maximum impact is to be achieved. At a time when extremists are attempting to shut down debate by employing hostile language and threats of violence, HonestReporting encourages its subscribers to always remember to deal with the media using a rational and level-headed approach.

While you may disagree strongly with the views expressed in an article, journalists are unlikely to take you seriously if you are abusive or unable to state your argument in a rational manner. Hurling insults at journalists or sending incoherent ramblings will most likely find your e-mail consigned to the Deleted Items folder.

For tips on how to write better and more effective letters, see our Write Right communique and tips on Effective Letter Writing.

Your letters are important and can make a difference in the fight against media bias – please remember to blind copy your e-mails to HonestReporting at


The defamation case brought by state-run TV network France-2 against individuals who claim the footage aired September 30, 2000 showing the death of Mohammad al-Dura is a hoax, has been deferred until October. HonestReporting’s Backspin blog has been covering the trial, including an exclusive interview with defendant Philippe Karsenty. Backspin will continue to cover this important case when it returns to court.

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Wellington Mayoral Free Concert

Hi Sirs

We are just promoting the Wellington Mayoral Free Concert which will be at 2pm Sunday 24 Sept. Please watch the NZ Asia TV 7.30pm tomorrow about the concert.

I would like to inform you and your colleagues to watch the NZ Asia TV 7.30pm tomorrow. The NZ Asia TV has a show of Taiwan Journal fortnightly Thursday 7.30pm from tomorrow. The TV was promoted in page 2 of the Dominion Post, Sat. 16 Sept. and the Capital Chinese News which was released Sat. 16 Sept. in Wellington Region. The Taiwan Journal is very interesting. 

NZ Asia TV focuses the general news in Wellington Region, Asian communities in Wellington Region and Asian countries. It is on UHF40 or UHF41. Information about the TV is attached.

We appreciated very much for the very good supports from you and your colleagues in the past.

Kind regards

Nick Wang

NZ Asia
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Capital Chinese News
The 1st Chinese Language newspaper in the Lower North Island and Wellington since April 1998

NZ Asia
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Level 5, Xacta Tower, 94 Dixon Street, PO Box 6886, Wellington, New Zealand. Tel: 04-385 6880 or 385 6600  Fax: 04-385 6060




你 的 电 视 台         你 的 生 活


Coverage                           90% population in Wellington Region, about 400,000 people and more when broadcast via Telstraclear cable TV. 由惠灵顿机场一直到坡偌入瓦和上哈特 From Wellington Airport, Miramar to Porirua and Upper Hutt. 含盖惠灵顿省90%的人口,达40万人。


Languages                         Mainly in English with Chinese subtitles or Chinese with English subtitles. Other Asian languages maybe available. 主要是英语加华文字幕或华语加英文字幕。其它亚洲语言根据需要时有兼备。


 Contents                            Wellington Regional news, TV talk show, documentaries, about Asian countries and Wellington local Asian communities. 惠灵顿省新闻大事、电视记录片、邀请嘉宾话时事、亚洲国家发展和当地亚裔社区动态等。


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9 Reasons Why the Repeal of S59 Is a Bad Idea

  1. The existing law works.  The courts are the appropriate places to try exceptions.  Let’s not make new laws that drastically affect the majority for the sake of a tiny minority.
  2. Such a move (the repeal) creates more power to the Executive and less to the judiciary (which is anti-democratic).
  3. Section 59 allows acts of force that are reasonable in the course of discipline on children: to repeal S.59 means that any act on a child in discipline involving force, such as forcing a child to sit in the "naughty corner", or picking up a child who is having a tantrum and taking them for "time out" in another place, would essentially be an assault under the definition of the Crimes Act.
  4. S. 59 keeps decisions in the hands of the Judiciary over whether a child has been abused; this is an environment based on argument over fact and law.  Without S. 59, this means such decisions will be decided by the Executive, i.e. bureaucrats, which is a situation far more subjective and open to error.
  5. To remove force as a means of discipline over children means parents have no means of establishing boundaries over their children: children raised without boundaries are more likely to cause violence, not less.
  6. It is an act of abuse in itself to remove the ability of parents to apply force when necessary in the discipline of children: children need discipline and boundaries to feel safe and secure.
  7. If children are taken from their parents for any reason, what guarantees does the State provide that the children will be maintained in the "continuity in the child’s upbringing and to the child’s ethnic, religious, cultural and linguistic background" (Article 20 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child)?  In other words, children taken from a Christian home are entitled under the Convention to have that child remain in regular attendance of the church that they have been brought up in!
  8. I think the Christian Community need to make clarify both their position and the truth of the Scriptures publicly: Proverbs 13:24 clearly says, "He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him."  The Scripture tells us that physical discipline is part of bringing up a child, but only part of it: but we are being branded as if the focus of child upbringing is physical discipline (which is being twisted into us becoming abusers who hit our children).  We need a united front, and to stop the squabbling (which is getting worse and is helping no-one!)
  9. Article 5 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child tells us that the State has to respect the "responsibilities, rights and duties of parents".  I believe that the Bill to repeal S.59 is counter to this convention in this regard.

Family Integrity #120 — ideas for letter to Listener

Just a bit further to Family Integrity #119 about writing to the Listener editor. We were very happy with Joanne Black and what she wrote about us.

She was constrained by her Editor who wanted more of the repeal side in the article.

Things that we think would be good to write to the Editor about are:

Hands Off

  1. page 15 Sue Bradford says "a child’s right to be free from violence…" Section 59 is against violence
  2. page 17 Burrows this time "We don’t want to provide people with a recipe for beating their kids and getting away with it" Section 59 does not allow parents to beat their kids.
  3. page 17 Sue Bradford talks of people giving submissions where they were beaten as children. Section 59 does not let people beat their children. It is against the law to beat children.
  4. page 17 "Bradford, Borrows and Dunne are critical of aspects of the debate on the bill so far, especially from opposition Christian groups…."  It has been the way the media has represented the Christian groups that has not been good.
  5. page 19 Sue again "most people who have battered their kids, sometimes to death but more often so they are hospitalised…" Section 59 is no cover for this. This is abuse and there are laws against this.
  6. page 19 Sue wanted to call this the anti-beating bill. Sue is wrong the media is right. It is an anti-smackiing bill and a bill to repeal parental authority.  Beating is already against the law.

Page 16 – Zero Tolerance

  1. Dr Dawn Elder "abused children" this is against the law already. Section 59 is about protecting abused children – Section 59 must be reasonable in the circumstances. Abused children is not reasonable in the circumstances.
  2. "Violence in Families" – Which families. Disfunctional families not good loving families who use force by way of correction to train their children. (See my oral submission on
  3. "Child abuse cases, including fatalities" these are child abuse and are against the law. This is not a controlled smack for training and correction.
  4. "This punishment has in most cases been delivered by caregivers who have a problem controlling their anger." This again is child abuse. When parents use force by way of correction and it is reasonable in the circumstances then it is not done in anger.
  5. "verbal and physical violence" is child abuse and is against the law
  6. Elder again "Smacking is not an effective form of discipline". It is very effective and quickly restores relationships.
  7. Elder again "When it (smacking) is done in anger, which most people would admit it often is". Only those who are abusing their children are doing it in anger. When smacking a child to correct and train it the parent is in perfect control.
  8. "Putting children on an equal footing with……dogs"  Is that how they see children. Dogs are trained, this bill will not allow for children to be trained. Children will be under the footing of dogs if they repeal Section 59.
  9. Yes lets have zero tolerance to child abuse but let us train our children using reasonable force which is reasonable in the circumstances.
    Elder wants to help parents who smack and wants to make sure that it does not happen again. WHICH MAY REQUIRE REMOVING CHILDREN FROM THE ENVIRONMENT FOR A WHILE,……

I had better stop there is more though look at "Death by Disciple" this is Child Abuse. This is nothing to do with Section 59.

Please write letters, emails, visit, txt, the Editor of Listener and your MPs.


Craig Smith
National Director
Family Integrity
PO Box 9064
Palmerston North
New Zealand
Ph: (06) 357-4399
Fax: (06) 357-4389

Our Home….Our Castle

Family Integrity # 119 — Listener Article

Smacking is the subject for the front cover of the Listener this week.

We’d like to suggest a strategy to kill a couple of birds with one stone.

Get a copy of the current Listener and read the articles. Write a letter to the Editor of the Listener, pointing out the many untruths in the articles. Section 59 is an excellent piece of legislation. When a child
is beaten to death that is the ultimate abuse, it is not a form of discipline. One of the logical conclusions from the articles is to ban all discipline of children….which in fact repeal of Section 59 will effectively accomplish. has a lot of good information to help with writing letters to the Editor.

After writing the letter to the Editor then turn it into a letter to the MPs and send it to all MPs using this link:

Craig Smith
National Director
Family Integrity
PO Box 9064
Palmerston North
New Zealand
Ph: (06) 357-4399
Fax: (06) 357-4389

Our Home….Our Castle

Setting the record straight.