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The History and Meaning of the National Haka

Toastmasters Competent Communicator

Project 3 – Get to the point

  1. Select a speech topic and determine its general and specific purposes.

    To explain the words and meaning of Ka Mate, Ka Mate.
    After hearing my presentation, the audience will be able to recite the meaning of the national haka.

  2. Organize the speech in a manner that best achieves those purposes.
    1. History
      1. Composed by the chief Te Rauparaha on the occasion of running from his enemies, when he went to chief Te Wharerangi for protection.
      2. 1820
    2. Geography
      1. Ngati Toa
      2. Porirua, Kapiti Coast, Levin & Kapiti Islan
    3. Story
      1. Once when pursued by his enemies, Te Rauparaha came to Te Wharerangi and asked for his protection. The latter hid him in a kumara pit with his wife sitting over the entrance. According to custom, this was considered strange. Firstly, no male would ever place himself in a position beneath the genitals of a woman. Secondly, the female organs were believed to have a shielding effect. Of course, in times of danger Te Rauparaha was willing to forego custom in order to survive.
      2. “Ka Mate! Ka Mate!” (I die! I die!), he muttered when his pursuers arrived. Te Wharerangi indicated that Te Rauparaha had gone to Rangipo and he whispered “Ka Ora! Ka Ora!” (I live! I live!). When the pursuers doubted the words of Te Wharerangi, he gloomily muttered “Ka Mate! Ka Mate!” once again. When Te Wharerangi continued to convince the pursuers, he exclaimed “Ka ora! Ka ora! Tenei te tangata puhuruhuru nana nei i tiki mai whakawhiti te ra!” (I live! I live! For this is the hairy man who has fetched the sun and caused it to shine again!). The hairy man in the Haka refers to the chief Te Wharerangi who gave Te Rauparaha protection. And Te Wharerangi was a man of very noticeable hairy habit.
    4. Translation
      1. Ka mate! Ka mate! Ka ora! Ka ora!
        Ka mate! Ka mate! Ka ora! Ka ora!
        Tenei te tangata puhuru huru
        Nana nei i tiki mai
        Whakawhiti te ra
        A upa … ne! ka upa … ne!
        A upane kaupane whiti te ra!
      2. I die! I die! I live! I live!
        I die! I die! I live! I live!
        This is the hairy man
        Who fetched the Sun
        And caused it to shine again
        One upward step! Another upward step!
        An upward step, another … the Sun shines!
  • The direct translation of “Upane” is “terrace”. This probably refers to the step, which was cut into the side of the pit for access. Each “upane” describes the tentative steps Te Rauparaha made as he emerged from the pit. “White te ra! Hi!” sums up his feelings of joy for having eluded death and also of him coming out of the dark kumara pit into the light of the day.
  1. Conclusion
    1. There is a little-understood secondary meaning to this haka. Later in life, Te Rauparaha converted to Christianity.
    2. His haka, therefore, is also a metaphor for one crossing over from spiritual death into spiritual life.
  2. Ensure that the beginning, body and conclusion all tie into and reinforce the purposes.

    By putting the haka into historical and cultural context, the meaning of the words are explained and better understood.

  3. Project sincerity and conviction, and control any nervousness you may feel.

    By referencing my personal connection to it, I make the presentation more relevant.

  4. Try not to use notes.

    Use slides instead.

  5. Incorporate suggestions from previous evaluations as you prepare and rehearse this speech.

    Don’t say “So” to begin a sentence.


Christmas 2011 Newsletter


  • Sam Soukotta guest speaker @ Elim
  • Creation at The Rock
  • Uncle Ross stayed with us
  • Church in the Community (Stokes Valley Pool)
  • Tree Top Walk with Tane
  • Travel to Londts at Te Puke
  • Ken’s family visit us.


  • WHEN Camp at Brookfields Scout Camp, Wainuiomata
  • Tane @ Basic Chemistry Course, Victoria University
  • Church in the Community (Taita)
  • Vex Robotics Fundraiser
  • Hamish’s 12th birthday
  • Stan Walker Concert
  • Zirka Circus


  • Marriage Course at Salvation Army, Johnsonville.
  • Tennis
  • 17th wedding anniversary and celebration
  • Men’s Ministry with Pastor Cornelio Perez


  • Duck Race Fundraiser (for St Johns)
  • Marriage Enrichment Dinner and Course
  • James temporary Team Leader at work
  • Messianic Passover (Knox Church)
  • Outreach at Taita Laundromat


  • Tane’s 14th Birthday
  • Captivating Creation Cavemen from Canada (Reformed Church of Silverstream)
  • Fiona @ Celebrate Recovery
  • Adolescence Study with Hamish
  • Tane at
    • FITE Life Group, The Rock Church
    • RAZE Youth Group, Elim Church
    • Traction Youth Group, Newlands Baptist
  • James’s 43rd Birthday
  • High School Musical (at HIBS)
Aimee at Pulse (Kids Church) at Elim


  • WHEN Science Fair
  • Adolescence Study Complete
  • Relationships Course @ Taita
  • Show Stoppers at Chilton St James School
  • Fiona @ Celebrate Recovery
  • Excellent performance appraisal
  • Dot Net Meetups


  • Running Relationships Course @ Taita Church
  • Kids 4 Drama Rehearsals of a Midsummer Night’s Fairtale
  • Two Gilbert & Sullivan plays
    • HMS Pinafore
    • Trial by Jury
  • Hamish at Telecom Foundation Workshop
  • James interviewed about home interest rates (just a man on the street)
  • Web training and after party
  • Visiting speaker Cecily Stoneham


  • 1st Plasma Donation
  • Auckland Holiday:
    • MOTAT
    • Rainbows End
    • Auckland War Museum
    • Ice Skating
  • Rotorua & Te Puke
    • The Luge
    • The Londts


  • James moved into new Telecom building
  • A2 Drama Class rehearsals
  • Promise Keepers


  • Naomi & Anna Visit
  • Boundaries Course – Participation Completion
  • Boundaries Course – Leaders Commencement
  • Rugby World Cup
  • Interviewing Candidates at Telecom
  • Tane @ ATC Dinner
  • Aimee’s 10th birthday.


  • Boundaries Course – Continuation
  • The Real Saint Nick (Rehearsals)
  • Extreme Dance
    • Tap Dancing Performance
    • at Southwards Museum Theatre
    • Smooth Criminal & Thunderstruck
  • St Johns Awards Ceremony
  • Telecom/Chorus Demerger Ceremony
ST John Comps 095


  • The Real Saint Nick (at Elim)
  • Boundaries Course – Completion
  • Christmas Plans

Ages 20 to 40

Year 1988
Age 20
Sport Karate
Address The Terrace, Wellington
Education Victoria University, BCA year 2
Religion Zen Buddhist
Employment Housing Corporation, Accounting Bursar
Comment At home for holidays with university buddy Henri from Lebanon.
Year 1989
Age 21
Sport Karate
Address The Terrace & McAlpine Avenue, Wellington
Education Victoria University, BCA year 3
Religion Zen Buddhist
Employment Housing Corporation, Accounting Bursar
Comment Met Fiona for the first time. 
img-601195743-0003 Year 1990
Age 22
Sport Fencing
Address Matai Road, Hataitai, Wellington
Education Victoria University, BCA Makeup Year
Employment Housing Corporation, Systems Administrator
Religion Zen Buddhist
Comment Black and White Party
Year 1991
Age 23
Sport Parachute Jump
Address Rolleston Street, Mount Cook, Wellington
Education Wairarapa Parachute Club
Employment Systems Consultant, Mana Information Systems Limited
Religion Zen Buddhist
Comment I look like my brother John in this shot!
Year 1992
Age 24
Sport None
Address Thurleigh Grove, Karori, Wellington
Education Onslow College, School Certificate Maori
Employment Systems Consultant, Mana Information Systems Limited
Religion Christian – Baptist
Comment With Fiona’s little friend Tony at Johnsonville McDonald’s.
Year 1993
Age 25
Sport Skiing
Address Thurleigh Grove, Karori, Wellington
Education Bible College of NZ, Certificate of Biblical Studies
Dean Sherman of YWAM, Relating Between the Sexes
Employment Systems Consultant, Mana Information Systems Limited
Religion Christian – Pentecostal
Comment Snow Warrior!
Year 1994
Age 26
Sport None
Address Glenwood Grove, Woodridge, Wellington
Education Elim Cross Cultural Ministry Training, Perspectives A
OAC Ministries, Operation Jerusalem
Employment Systems Consultant, Mana Information Systems Limited
Religion Christian – Pentecostal

Got married!  Honeymoon in Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia. 
Visited Hong Kong and China in November.

Year 1995
Age 27
Sport None
Address Glenwood Grove, Woodridge, Wellington
Education ECCMT, Perspectives Part B
Married For Life
Employment Systems Consultant, Mana Information Systems Limited
Religion Christian – Pentecostal
Comment Wedded bliss!
Year 1996
Age 28
Sport None
Address Glenwood Grove, Woodridge, Wellington

Elim Ministry Training, Internship. 
Microsoft Certified Professional, Access 2.0

Employment Systems Consultant, Mana Information Systems Limited
Religion Christian – Pentecostal
Comment The wedding of our good friends John & Rebecca Kapa.
Year 1997
Age 29
Sport Dodging Bullets
Address Dr Vander Merwe Ave, Montana Park, Pretoria, South Africa
Education Elim Ministry Training, Missionary
Employment African Network Evangelism Task, Missionary
Religion Christian – Pentecostal
Comment Birth of Tane Ratapu Hippolite.
Year 1998
Age 30
Sport None
Address Glenwood Grove, Woodridge, Wellington
Education Microsoft Certified Professional, Windows 95
Parents Inc, Parenting Toolbox 1
Employment Systems Consultant, Mana Information Systems Limited
Religion Christian – Pentecostal
Comment Home from mission.
Year 1999
Age 31
Sport None
Address Glenwood Grove, Woodridge, Wellington
Education Microsoft Certified Professional, VB 5.0 & Access 95
Brian Tamaki of Lake City Church, Spiritual Warfare
Employment Systems Consultant, Mana Information Systems Limited
Religion Christian – Pentecostal
Comment Birth of Hamish Kirk Hippolite.
Year 2000
Age 32
Sport Playing with the kids.
Address Glenwood Grove, Woodridge, Wellington
Education Microsoft Certified Professional, Solution Architect
Parents Inc, Parenting Toolbox 2
Employment Systems Consultant, Mana Information Systems Limited
Religion Christian – Pentecostal
Comment At Botanical Gardens, in September?!?!?
Year 2001
Age 33
Sport Biking
Address Glenwood Grove, Woodridge, Wellington
Education Microsoft Certified Professional, VB 6.0 & SQL 7.0
John Walton of AOG, Penetration Evangelism
Employment Systems Consultant, Mana Information Systems Limited
Religion Christian – Pentecostal

Birth of Aimee Joyce Hippolite.
Mission to Indonesia to deliver/setup a fast PC at a Bible College.

Year 2002
Age 34
Sport Biking
Address Glenwood Grove, Woodridge, Wellington

Microsoft Certified Professional, Windows 2000 & SQL DBA
Jeannie Knott of Elim Church, The Power of One

Employment Systems Consultant, Mana Information Systems Limited
Religion Christian – Pentecostal
Comment Family man!
Year 2003
Age 35
Sport Biking
Address Glenwood Grove, Woodridge, Wellington
Education Microsoft Certified Trainer
Employment EFTPOS NZ, Database Analyst/Programmer
Religion Christian – Pentecostal
Comment I was at the world premiere of LOTR:ROTK.  I had a full beard and was dressed as a centurion for our company Christmas party.
Year 2004
Age 36
Sport Biking
Address Maracas Crescent, Grenada Village, Wellington
Education NZ Fire Service, Fire Extinguisher & Evacuation
Employment EFTPOS NZ, Database Analyst/Programmer
Religion Christian – Pentecostal
Comment Te Whanau Hippolite
Year 2005
Age 37
Sport Bike Pencarrow (18km)
Address Maracas Crescent, Grenada Village, Wellington
Education Microsoft Certified Professional, VB.NET (Windows)
Employment Telecom NZ, Senior Developer
Religion Christian – Pentecostal
Comment At home with Hamish.
Year 2006
Age 38
Sport None
Address Maracas Crescent, Grenada Village, Wellington
Education Wellington Free Ambulance, First Aid
Microsoft Certified Professional, VB.NET (Web)
Employment Telecom NZ, Senior Developer
Religion Christian – Pentecostal
Comment At Russell’s 50th birthday party.
Year 2007
Age 39
Sport None
Address Maracas Crescent, Grenada Village, Wellington
Education Microsoft Certified Professional, .NET Framework 2.0
Elim Church, Ancient Paths 1
Employment Telecom NZ, Senior Developer
Religion Christian – Pentecostal
Comment With our very good friends the Cowans and the Foleys.
Year 2008
Age 40
Sport Bike the Bays (32km)
Address Maracas Crescent, Grenada Village, Wellington

Parents Inc, Parenting Toolbox 3
Microsoft Certified Professional, SQL 2005
Elim Church, Ancient Paths 2

Employment Telecom NZ, Senior Developer
Religion Christian – Pentecostal
Comment Must be an even-numbered year.  No moustache.

My Childhood

img-601195150-0002 Year 1968
Age 0
Sport None
Address Waimea Road, Nelson
School None
Employment Son of a sheep shearer/labourer and housewife.
Religion Mormon
Comment None
img-601195409-0001 Year 1969
Age 1
Sport Leap Frog
Address Waimea Road, Nelson
School None
Religion Mormon
Comment With my brother Ken and cousin Mandy at Tahuna Beach.
img-601195247-0003 Year 1970
Age 2
Sport Skipping
Address Waimea Road, Nelson
School None
Religion Mormon
Comment With my brother Ken.  I’ve always looked up to him.
Possibly 5.  Probably Tahunanui. Year 1971
Age 3
Sport Fishing
Address Waimea Road, Nelson
School None
Religion Mormon
Comment Tahuna Beach!
Possibly 6 or 7.  Ron Atkinson's boat.  Nelson Harbour. Year 1972
Age 4
Sport Fishing
Address Waimea Road, Nelson
School Kindergarten
Religion Mormon
Comment Out on the harbour.
Possibly 4-5.  Waimea Road with Mum and Dad.  I think that's Aunty Joy's husband Geoff.  Then that would be one of my Christchurch cousins. Year 1973
Age 5
Sport Hiding in the grass
Address Waimea Road, Nelson
School Enner Glynn, Primmer 1
Religion Mormon
Comment “If I can’t see you, then you can’t see me!”
img-601195436-0001 Year 1974
Age 6
Sport None
Address Sea Lords & Motor Camp, Nelson
School Auckland Point, Tahunanui & Victory, Primmer 2 & 3
Religion Mormon
Comment I see Anthony Luton and Tony Cockcroft and my other cousin Lisa Hippolite in this picture.
img-601195055-0001 Year 1975
Age 7
Sport None
Address Dodson Road, Takaka
School Takaka Central, Primmer 4
Religion Mormon
Comment Cut my own hair.
I look about 8.  Watching TV with Aunty Mel. Year 1976
Age 8
Sport None
Address North Road, Nelson
School Nelson Central, Standard 1
Religion New Age
Comment With my aunty Melanie.
img-601195150-0001 Year 1977
Age 9
Sport None
Address Vanguard Street, Nelson
School Victory, Standard 2
Religion New Age
Comment I couldn’t play guitar to save my life.
Possibly 10.  Tenting with Dad (and others) at Te Hapua. Year 1978
Age 10
Sport Camping
Address Vanguard Street, Nelson & Waltham, New Brighton, Christchurch
School Victory, Waltham, North New Brighton, Standard 3
Religion New Age
Comment Camping with my Dad at Te Hapua.
Possibly 9.  At Victoria School, for end-of-year, I danced Year 1979
Age 11
Sport Dancing
Address Hampden Street, Nelson
School Victory, Standard 4
Religion New Age
Comment Dressed up for my “Greased Lightening” performance.
Possibly 11.  200 Hampden Tce with Mum and Biran.  Nelson Intermediate School (NIS).  Brother Ken visiting. Year 1980
Age 12
Sport Swimming
Address Hampden Street, Nelson
School Nelson Intermediate, Form 1
Religion New Age
Comment Obviously about to go swimming, probably at Hampden Street School.
img-601195329-0003 Year 1981
Age 13
Sport Harriers
Address Hampden Street, Nelson
School Nelson Intermediate, Form 2
Religion New Age
Comment My brothers John & Ken.
NelsonCollege3TE Year 1982
Age 14
Sport None
Address Hampden Street, Nelson
School Nelson College, 3TE

Highest Level Attained: School Prefect, Head of Chaytor House, Higher School Certificate, UE, B Bursary.

Religion New Age
Comment Cheesy grin.
img-601195055-0002 Year 1983
Age 15
Sport Rock wall climbing
Address Alfred Street, Nelson
School Nelson College, 4WH
Religion New Age
Employment Milk Run
Comment Corporal at No. 23 (Nelson) Squadron, Air Training Corps.

Highest Level Attained: Flight Sergeant

I was probably 15, at Seido Karate dojo, Nelson, under Sensei Andy Barber. Year 1984
Age 16
Sport Karate

Highest Level Attained: 10th Kyu (Brown belt with black tip).

Address Alfred Street, Nelson
School Nelson College, 5TY
Religion Zen Buddhist
Employment Baigents Grocers
Comment Blue Belt at Nelson Seido Karate Club.
Possibly 17, still at Nelson College.  With my big sis and her American friend Marcia. Year 1985
Age 17
Sport Karate
Address Alfred Street, Nelson
School Nelson College, 6AE
Religion Zen Buddhist
Employment Hotel Wakatu, Cobb & Co, Kitchen Hand
Comment With my sister Joy and her friend Marcia.
Possibly 18 - the four bros.  Roma's wedding?  Hamilton? Year 1986
Age 18
Sport Karate
Address Alfred Street, Nelson
School Nelson College, 7DY
Religion Zen Buddhist
Employment Hotel Wakatu, Cobb & Co, Waiter
Comment With my three brothers, Roma, John & Ken at Roma’s wedding in Hamilton
VictoriaUniversityOfWellington Year 1987
Age 19
Sport Karate
Address The Terrace, Wellington
School Victoria University, BCA year 1

Highest Level Attained: Bachelor of Commerce and Administration Degree

Religion Zen Buddhist
Employment Housing Corporation, Accounting Bursar
Comment Visiting the Haast Pass.

METTLE Monthly Newsletter Volume 5 Issue 10


Volume 5 Issue 10

October 2010

Hippolite Musings 


In October, I:

  1. Took the kids to Godspace at Hope Centre, Lower Hutt;
  2. Went to a Science Fiction themed party at my sister’s house for her grandson (school holidays);
  3. Attended and took the minutes of the committee meeting of the Northern Racquets Squash Club;
  4. Had a couple of family nights together (first one in ages – played Triominos, Yahtzee, discussed stuff & prayed);
  5. Played a couple of games of squash in the Spring Interclub season, all with varying levels of disappointment (some high, some low);
  6. Started rehearsals for Elim Church Christmas Pantomime “It’s Cool in the Furnace” playing the over-the-top role of King Nebuchadnezzar;
  7. Continued counselling a buddy facing tough marital issues;
  8. Received training on the Primavera project management tool used at Telecom;
  9. Took oldest son to watch Verdi’s Macbeth at St James;
  10. Conducted interviews for a development position here at Telecom;
  11. Attended Elim Church Wellington;
  12. Attended Align Church Taita;
  13. Attended and took the minutes of the committee meeting of the Grenada Village Residents Association;
  14. Received counselling for a marital issue of my own;
  15. Visited work colleague at home to coo over new born babe;
  16. Finally fixed the electric lawn mower (sourced the right fuse with the correct amperage and managed to jam it in);
  17. Took my son to battle robots at the VEX Scrimmage at Wellington High School;
  18. Attended Latino Fire conference at Wellington Elim to hear Sergio Scataglini speak.  Blogged it here;
  19. Attended Wellington SQL Server User Group meeting (first one in ages) on the topic of “SSIS and Powershell focused toward Database Maintenance and Investigation of Common Errors”;
  20. Participated in 100 day plan review – starting to become more forward thinking rather than reactive at work;
  21. Studied for exam 70-503: “Technology Specialist: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 – Windows Communication Foundation Application Development
  22. Hosted Fiona’s niece;
  23. Attended a Microsoft seminar on “Delivering Business Value with Visual Studio 2010” at the Intercontinental Hotel;
  24. Attended and took minutes of the leader’s meeting for Align Church Taita;
  25. Took a day off work to spend time with Aimee for her 9th birthday celebration (got a haircut, watched “Legend of the Guardians 3D”, visited Te Papa);
  26. Travelled to the Wairarapa (Tauherenikau Racecourse) to learn how the St Johns Youth Competitions are run; and
  27. Visited family;
  28. Took kids to Halloween Alternative party at Johnsonville Salvation Army.


World Outreach



  • INDIA. WO missionary & midwife Jes La Bleu is still waiting to receive her residency visa so she can join her colleagues in Bihar province where medical assistance will be offered to pregnant village women.  The waiting time back home in the States has not been wasted as Jes has benefited from various ministry events, but she is now ready to go.  Please pray that the authorities will issue her visa in the next few days.
  • PAKISTAN.  The urgent need now for victims of the horrendous floods that covered 1/5th of the country recently, is warm clothing & bedding in time for winter. The floods destroyed so much that all most families had were the clothes they are wearing. World Outreach is hoping that through the generosity of God’s people we can remit  hearty sum of funds by the end of November that will allow our Pakistan flood relief partners to buy blankets & warm clothing for hundreds of vulnerable families.  Please keep Pakistan in prayer. The nation needs the Lord. By demonstrating the love of God to the destitute through kindness, will help open their hearts to receive the love of God.
  • UK / EUROPE. Mary & I covet prayer as we travel to the UK & Europe (Oct 27 – Nov 16) for a series of ministry engagements and World Outreach meetings over 3 weeks. Besides keeping safe and in good health along the way, we desire wisdom, favour and the anointing of the Lord on us for our various appointments and ministry times.   
  • MOZAMBIQUE. Emmanuel & Martha Mulenga are conducting 2 leadership training events this Nov in Quelimane (10-13) and in Nampula (14 – 21) and request that the preparation and the actual programs themselves be covered in prayer. While many of the invited leaders are passionate in serving the Lord, they are also young in their new found faith, therefore solid Biblical teaching & training is essential for them and the people they are discipling. The Mulengas ask that we also pray for travel safety & protection for all involved and that a rich anointing of the Holy Spirit will be present and experienced at both events.  Thank you.  
  • INDONESIA. Sam & Carol Soukotta are truly grateful for the generosity of God’s people who have given to help Tawangmangu Bible College (TBC) secure the ownership of the land where it is located on in Central Java.  They have put a 30% deposit down on land price and in total have received more than 60% of what the gov’t valued the land for. Other people / businesses on Mt Tawangmangu are also in the same position of needing to buy their (leasehold) land from the gov’t, and many of them have appealed against the high valuation that the gov’t has imposed on them. The Soukottas have reported that things are very much in limbo while these appeals are been considered by the gov’t, and ask that we pray that the gov’t will reduce their value price for the TBC land.  The next couple of months will be critical. 
  • Remember too Jason & Anne Kelly and ministry colleagues in the eastern islands of Indonesia. Their humanitarian & community program to poor ‘M’ children in one particular island / village has drawn attention & criticism by some in the local gov’t.  Please pray for the team’s protection and that the work can carry on unheeded.       
  • NZ. Allen & Charlotte Teal write: “We would really appreciate prayer for a Missionary Enrichment Retreat we are conducting, to be held in Taupo from 26th – 31st October.  There are 18 participants and this is a precious time as they take time out for refreshment and renewal.  Please pray for rest and refreshment for the 18  participants, for good bonding and building of trust in the group, for God to meet each person where they are in their experience, and for spiritual, emotional and physical renewal for those who are exhausted.” Thank you.   


  • PAKISTAN. Earlier this month WO conducted a leadership conference in Karachi where some 550 delegates were registered from many parts of the country – see photo attachment. Two of the three night meetings were open to the public with 3000 and 5000 coming respectively.  The numerous testimonies afterwards reveal that the conference was truly a life changing experience for many. On two distinct occasions the Holy Spirit moved powerfully over the delegation for a prolonged period of time, and delegates soaked in His presence.
  • RETREATS. Two separate regional field retreats were conducted for WO personnel in Thailand & Indonesia (West Kalimantan) in the past few weeks.  The respective 42 and 70 field personnel who attended were so blessed, encouraged and refreshed by these “time out” events that saw them step away from busy schedules.     
  • TESTIMONIES. # Along with members of a WO team in Thailand we are rejoicing over the salvation of a Buddhist monk who came to surrender his life to Jesus after his ‘favourite nephew’ witnessed to him and prayed for healing of both the monk’s eyesight and leg problems.  Jesus healed both and today he is passionately following the Lord and studying His Word.  # Lila, a businesswoman & former Hindu before she encountered and fell in love with Jesus Christ this year for the very first time when a friend witnessed to her. With a God given passion she took every opportunity to share Christ with whoever came to talk business, whether or not her business benefited financially. Her boldness caught many customers by surprise. And God blessed her, so much so that in the past six months she has seen more than 150 people become followers of Jesus Christ, some being whole families. She has had the joy of water baptizing each one of them. Her love for Christ and obedience to His Word has also seen numerous healings, miracles and deliverances as she speaks the Word of God over lives.
  • Please continue to pray for “spiritual breakthroughs” for our many and varied WO ministries around the world. All our teams know that unless the Holy Spirit inspires and breathes upon their outreaches / programs / enterprises, then it can be a lot of hard work but little fruit. Our combined longing is to see new souls added to the Kingdom of God!  

John Elliott

Koinonia House News



  • An EMP Spells Disaster – Without The Kaboom
    October 27, 2010
    The sky erupts. Cities darken, food spoils and homes fall silent. Civilization collapses. End-of-the-world novel? A video game? Or could such a scenario loom in America’s future? Electromagnetic pulses (EMP) are oversized outbursts of atmospheric electricity. Whether powered by geomagnetic storms or by nuclear blasts, their resultant intense magnetic fields can induce ground currents strong enough to burn out power lines and electrical equipment across state lines.
    – USA Today
  • Dead Sea Scrolls Fragments in Texas
    October 26, 2010
    Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) in Fort Worth, Texas has just added three Dead Sea Scroll fragments to its existing collection of three, making it the most sizeable group of scroll fragments to be held by an institution of higher education in the US. SWBTS acquired the new fragments from a European private collector through a gift from a friend of the seminary. The new fragments contain parts of Deuteronomy 9:25–10:1, Deuteronomy 12:11-14, and Psalm 22:4-13.
    – SWBTS
  • Did ‘Molecular Tinkering’ Cause Evolution In the Cell?
    October 25, 2010
    In a study published in the online scientific journal PLoS Biology, the team gathered evidence to support their hypothesis that nuclear receptors evolved through "molecular tinkering." They wrote, "Our findings indicate that NR LBDs evolved their functional diversity by tinkering with a ligand-dependent transcriptional activator." However, the authors overlooked a few important considerations, each of which would make their conclusion premature.
    – ICR
  • China Denying The West Its Rare Earth Metals
    October 19, 2010
    China, which has been blocking shipments of crucial minerals to Japan for the last month, has now quietly halted some shipments of those materials to the United States and Europe, three industry officials said this week. The Chinese action, involving rare earth minerals that are crucial to manufacturing many advanced products, seems certain to further intensify already rising trade and currency tensions with the West.
    – The New York Times
  • Extreme Surfers For Christ
    October 05, 2010
    For the 18th year running the extreme sports missions organisation Christian Surfers UK have held their big outreach surf contest, the Jesus Surf Classic. The organisation was able to attract more than 100 of the UK’s top surfers to the North Devon’s Croyde Bay, providing a great opportunity for Christian Surfers ‘to be a Christian presence and witness’ in the inspirational world of the surfing community.
    – Inspire Magazine

Why I Am A Climate Realist

Dairy Cows Produce Fewer Greenhouse Gas Emissions Than Previously Reported

Much has been written about cows’ role in producing greenhouse gas emissions. (Think burps and farts.)

A 2006 United Nations report stated that livestock were responsible for 18% of these emissions. To be fair, this statistic also included land use and degradation, deforestation, pesticide use and water pollution. Cow flatulence, however, continues to incur blame (not to mention really dorky jokes).

Fear not, bovine lovers: Researchers at the University of Arkansas and Michigan Technological University have found that the dairy industry is responsible for only about 2% of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions………………

Read full article at:

Why I Am A Creationist


Doctor to the Disadvantaged

Dr. Lara Wieland (daughter of CMI–Australia’s Managing Director Dr. Carl Wieland) turned down a comfortable career in general practice to provide vital medical care to Australian Aboriginal communities. Her decision was directly influenced by the teaching she received from a young age that all people are equal because we are all in God’s image, and all descended from Adam.

Her inspiring story shows the practical results of believing the Bible’s history.

Biblical Creation provides answer to problem of suffering

If God created the world ‘very good’, why is there death and suffering? Intelligent design advocate William Dembski attempts to answer this by arguing that the Fall was retroactive. But even he admits that biblical creation has a stronger position. Read CMI–UK/Europe CEO Philip Bell’s review of William Dembski’s startling treatise called The End of Christianity.

Is Nature a 67th book of Scripture?

Some progressive creationists argue that God’s revelation in nature is as authoritative as Scripture. But general revelation functions differently from special revelation. Read our analysis in General and Special Revelation.

Who should teach children?

In a weekend feedback one correspondent believes that parents should not indoctrinate their children with Christianity.
Lita Cosner responds and argues that this is precisely the Christian parent’s most important responsibility.

This week’s classic: “It’s not science”.

In this article from 2002, Don Batten explains the difference between origins science, which deals with unrepeatable one-time events in history, and operational science which deals with repeatable and testable phenomena. Understanding this important distinction allows us to answer people who claim that evolution is science and creation isn’t. This is a key article in helping us understand that we do not need to be intimidated by science.

Why I Am Pro Maori


Ahakoa he iti, he pounamu: Māori Stormtrooper 

How to… 

Engage the Culture

My mate Matt has this to say…

Hi James and Dave

Gentlemen, I thought you might both be interested in the following Stuff article.

I am unsure of the context for this discussion, so I cannot draw huge conclusions from it. It suggests that this is part of the Bishops’ Synod, so perhaps it is for shaping Roman Catholic policy??

In fact, I find some points made to be confusing. The comment at the end quoting a senior Sunni Muslim advisor to the Lebanese government seems to be nebulous to me.  It is not clear what the intention of the speaker’s statement is. Indeed I find myself asking the question, did the speaker deliberately make a nebulous statement that is open to interpretation?

The statement is quoted as:

"There is the rise of fundamentalism inside Israel, and in Christian and Zionist movements in the United States, and there is the rise of Islamic fundamentalism also," said Sammak.

"This is a negative phenomenon, and not only Christians are suffering from it."

A core of the topic is fundamentalism.

Does this mean:

  • The speaker considers fundamentalism in itself as an “evil” in all societies and religions?
  • All fundamentalism/fundamentalists are the same?
  • Fundamentalism is negative and causes suffering?
  • That fundamentalism and extremism are always closely aligned positions?
  • Zionism is linked with fundamentalism?
  • Zionism is linked with extremism?
  • Zionism is necessarily negative?
  • Christianity in the United States is linked with fundamentalism?
  • Christianity in the United States is linked with extremism?
  • Christianity in the United States is necessarily negative?
  • Fundamentalism is rising within Israel? Does the speaker mean fundamentalist Jews or extreme right-wing political beliefs? Or even a simple commitment to maintaining Israel as a democratic state

The problem I have with this is that there is no clear definition of “fundamentalism”. Moderate Christians, Jews or Muslims might believe in the fundamentals of the Bible, the Torah or the Koran; does this make them instantly aligned with fundamentalists who cause damage? If a person calls themselves a Christian, then they throw a grenade into a mosque full of Koran believing Muslims, because he or she believes that the Bible is instructing them to do so, are they are fundamentalist or merely deranged (probably the latter – please note, I am deliberately making this person a Christian rather than a Muslim or of another particular religion and/or culture)? And do people realise that there is a difference between fundamentalism and derangement? Are the people in the mosque fundamentalists too, if they firmly believe their religious writings and rites?

I believe that there is a difference between holding a fundamental belief and being a person so focussed on the fundamentals that people do not matter, to the point that they practice extremist actions. I also believe that someone who truly holds onto the fundamentals of the Bible is a sound person, someone who wants to rely on the precedents and precepts that God has recorded and installed for us. This person might well be referred to as a “fundamentalist”. And a pragmatist. And someone who might also show compassion, love, decency and other Godly attributes.

What are your thoughts? James, Dave, please feel free to publish this discussion on your blogs, if you see fit to do so.


James says: I have read that article, and concur that it left me with a vaguely unappealing feeling of the moral equivalence of all religions, or some other such nonsense.

Also, in political news:

Submissions for the Tax (Income Sharing) Bill has been extended to Friday 10 Dec, so that give us a little more time to make submissions and to lobby politicians.

Follow link on

Interesting to note that the Labour Party at their conference this weekend are now talking about putting in place policies to support at-home parents, supporting investment in parenting and other family friendly measures. The language is getting through!


Here is my submission (reference number PD8GYMA):

I believe Income Sharing is the fairest system to support families.  There are already plenty of other systems in place to support solo parents, but two parent, single income families get the rough end of the deal currently.  I have always believed Income Sharing to be fairer, ever since we did a study of it back at secondary school over 20 years ago!  Please support my wife and I to continue being the primary carers of our own children.  Tax redistribution via Working for Families makes little sense when the IRD and WFF adds no value to the process and only "clips the ticket" on the way through. 

Great Scientists…

…Who Believed the Bible

Bernhard Riemann (1826-1866)

Bernhard Riemann developed the concept of non-Euclidian geometry, which was used by Einstein in his development of the theory of relativity. Riemann was also a Christian and had hoped to go into the ministry until he got sidetracked by his interest in mathematics. He apparently made several efforts to prove the validity of the book of Genesis using mathematical principles.

Friday Fax


Dear Colleague,

I continue to welcome you to the new and improved Friday Fax. Besides better and crisper writing and editing, we are also running positive stories rather than the continual rasher of negative stories.

Today, we report on a near revolt of UN member states against a special report calling for a new “right” to sexual education. It was heartwarming to see so many countries rising up en masse against such radicalism as this.

We also report on the phenomenon of the Manhattan Declaration which has nearly 500,000 signers and has inspired similar documents in three countries and one US State.

Spread the word.

Yours Sincerely,
Austin Ruse

Countries Slam Attempts to Create New “Right” to Sexual Education at UN

By Samantha Singson

New York, October 28 (C-FAM) – Angry delegates took to the UN floor this week to denounce a report that promotes a new human right to explicit sexual education for young children.

The African and Caribbean blocs led the widespread hostility toward the report by registering their “strong rejection” and “strong disapproval.”  Read More

A Global Movement On The Rise

By Amanda Pawloski

NEW YORK, October 28 (C-FAM) The authors penned their declaration a year ago not knowing it would spur an international movement.

Now nearly a half million backers have signed the Manhattan Declaration, a “call of Christian conscience” originally spurred by concern that U.S. leaders had lost sight of the meaning of religious freedom. In the months since, the declaration has not only reaffirmed Christian values, but has spawned similar movements on two other continents and an unprecedented display of ecumenical unity.  Read More

Train a Child


In October,

  • Tane discovered he doesn’t like opera (but at least he went to see for himself first); he is negotiating appropriate friendships in a Christian youth group setting;  he is experimenting with appropriate disclosure via Facebook.

  • Hamish discovered it’s harder to construct a robot than to deconstruct one; he is learning the value and sheer hard work involved in grooming the yard; he is experimenting with various manual skills at Techni-Craft (wood, metal, fabric) class.

  • Aimee discovered the joy of longing (for her much anticipated birthday at month end); she is settling into her role as junior helper at Align Church; she is so cute in her St John’s uniform!

Why I Am Pro-Israel


Petition to the UN

Prosecute Ahmadinejad

On September 23rd, Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addressed the United Nations General Assembly.

While some left the hall in protest, many stayed and even applauded this madman.

We believe that the next time Mahmoud Ahmadinejad appears before an international tribunal, it must not be as an honored guest before the United Nations General Assembly. It must be as a criminal in the dock of the International Criminal Court. And we have some very important friends who share this belief. We have joined forces with these friends to produce a powerful new video promoting our petition to indict Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for the crime of incitement to genocide. We pray you’ll join us too by watching the video and then signing the petition.

Click to watch video

For the sake of those who died in the Holocaust he denies,

For the sake of those who would die in the Holocaust he threatens,

For the sake of all who could be victims of future genocides,

Sign the Petition

Blessings to you and those you love,

Pastor John Hagee
National Chairman
Christians United for Israel

David Brog
Executive Director
Christians United for Israel



Resourceful Woman Finds Police

Portland, Oregon, Chief of Police Mark Kroeker tells this story about when he was an officer in Los Angeles. A woman was upstairs in her bedroom when she heard someone breaking in downstairs. She crawled under her bed with the phone and called 911, but the emergency system was having a problem, and it gave her a menu of options. Realizing that this would take a minute or more, her mind raced for other ways to reach the police.

She devised a resourceful plan. She grabbed a phone book and called the nearest Winchell’s donut shop. She asked the employee who answered if there were any police officers in the shop, and the answer was, "Of course!" An officer was put on the line, the frightened woman told him her problem, he sprinted to his car and arrived in time to capture the thief.

—Mark Kroeker, from a speech given at a banquet for Multnomah College (March 5, 2002), in Portland, Oregon

Events Schedule


In this section, I highlight dates, times and venues of events either I am presenting at, or of interest to METTLE.  I’m available for bookings.

When What Where Who
3-Nov Why I Believe in Creation Science Elim Church Wellington James
5-Nov Guy Fawkes Celebration Wellington Waterfront N/A
6-Nov Robotics Scrimmage Wellington High School N/A
6-Nov E-Day Westpac Stadium N/A
7-Nov Flexi-Sunday Align Church Taita N/A
9-Nov Gas Bags LifePoint Dunno
13-15 Nov Heaven’s Gates Hell’s Flames Avalon AOG N/A
13-Nov Gladiator Movie Salvation Army Johnsonville N/A
13-Nov Phoenix vs Mariners Westpac Stadium N/A
15-Nov Grenada Village Residents Association AGM Grenada Village Hall Bruce Patterson,
James Hippolite
19-20 Nov Flourish Women’s Conference Upper Hutt AOG  
26-27 Nov Stayin’ Alive
Pro-life workshop for youth
Grace Hall, 8 Tongariro St, Paraparaumu

Bob McCoskrie (Family First NZ)
Brendan Malone (FLI NZ)
Greg Flemming (Maxim Institute)

4-Dec Advanced Students Concert Raroa Intermediate School Tane
4-Dec Telecom Christmas Party TSB Arena N/A
10-12 Dec It’s Cool In the Furnace Elim Church Wellington James et al
12-Dec Robotics Scrimmage Scots College N/A

Bible Reading 

You can look up for yourselves at:

End Notes

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Hippolite Herald Christmas 2008

Fiona Writes

As the rain lashes against the windows I can’t help but think God is good, it’s a perfect day to get out our very last minute, Christmas newsletter. For those that get this electronically you will have this BEFORE Christmas this year, however, as I have absolutely no control over the delivery of snail mail the rest of you might get this in time for the New Year. Once again we’ve been slack at correspondence this year and I applaud all of you who have been faithful at remembering birthdays, Christmas and other special occasions. James in defeat gave me a book this year called Archiving for Dummies because my inbox grows daily. It’s the perfectionist in me that doesn’t want to delete that email until I’ve “actioned” it. It’s this time of the year I get caught out on those emails I haven’t processed, coz I usually get a 5% bounce on the electronic newsletter.

So what have we been up to this year? Well we haven’t moved house, church, changed jobs or school in that respect things have been same old same old. Not that we’re stuck in a rut, though as we continue to try new things.

We started 2008 off with house-sitting a friend’s house in Christchurch. What a wonderful treat. The weather was gorgeous and we caught up with family and friends including my parents and siblings and their families. James worked from the Christchurch office for some of the time so we could stay 28 days. A big clap for our friends the Londts who opened their home to us. During this month we completed a lot of our educational visits. We spent a lovely day at Orana Park with my family, courtesy of a very lovely Christmas present from my brother. We spent another lovely day at Hamner Springs taking in the hot water courtesy of my sister. The kids also went to Science Alive (one of their favourites), ice skating, Canterbury Museum, on the trams, up the gondolas, Ferrymead, several swimming pools, Cookie Time, Air Force Museum, Rutherford’s Den, Arts Centre and much more.

Tane at Soccer

On our return to Wellington Tane spent a week at a soccer school, a first for him. He thoroughly enjoyed this and went on to play soccer for the local club this year. Tane also spent the month of January reading his way through all 3 Lord of the Ring books so that he could watch the movies. Since then Tane’s interest in books has mainly been reading comics, Horrible Histories, Star Wars and latterly Dr Who novels. At nights the boys listen to stories like Famous Five, Secret Seven, Narnia and other classics. Tane often reads late into the night.

Hamish Acting

The boys have also attended drama classes with other home schoolers all year. In the third term they put on a drama production which for the first time Hamish took a main part. Hamish has really gained confidence on stage. He has gone from not wanting to be on stage last year (even when he had the opportunity of being on TV) to playing one of the main characters in this years White Sunday production, a modern day version of the Prodigal Son. Hamish had to dress like Elvis and sing as well as say some lines. He looked so cool.

I won a trophy

Tane has also been involved in another production.

Tane Writes

This year I attained grade four at my tap dance class.  I won two medals: bronze and silver.  I am the only boy in my class of seven.  I have just done my first tap performance.  I wear split sole shoes.  I won a trophy for most improved in tap discipline this year.

Fiona Continues

T o keep fit both James and I have played squash this year though I had to stop in October because my arm was getting too sore. I’m hoping to get back into it over the holiday period now that my arm has healed from the carpal tunnel operation I had in September. I also spent time working out on a Pilate bed, aqua jogging or walking with friends. James and Tane are still cycling. James and Tane participated in "Bike the Bays" in February. Hamish played rugby. All three kids attended swimming lessons with other home schoolers every Thursday afternoon during each term. We often join other home educators in parks or at recreation centres where the kids get a good run around. Tane still loves his roller blading and Aimée has nearly mastered riding her bike as well as roller blading. Several terms they also went to gymnastics though we won’t be pursing that again next year, something has to stop!

James and I tried to keep our minds active too. Both of us have read a number of great books this year, with James reviewing these and including them in his blogs. 

James Writes

James play squash

This year I reached a milestone: I turned 40.  Those of you who have already reached this auspicious age will know that it instantly causes several reality checks.  As a consequence, I have:

  • Signed up as an Industry Mentor to a team of tertiary students competing in the Microsoft Imagine Cup
  • Decided to refocus on further refining of my Microsoft Certified Professional certifications.  Currently I am pursing the new Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Database Developer role (I had already attained the Microsoft Certified Professional Developer qualification).
  • Signed up for Squash Interclub at the Northern Racquets Squash Club.  While I have played squash socially for many years, this is the first time I’ve actually joined a club and been getting lessons.  It’s a whole new experience!
  • Morphed the Men’s Elim Team Together for Learning Experiences (METTLE) into a Weekly Collaborative Blog.  We publish a weekly newsletter here: called The Voice of Reason New Zealand .
  • Agreed to creating and teaching a Creation Teaching Plan for use in my home church.

Now back to Fiona…

I’m always reviewing topics and planning for home educating activities. We attended a Parenting with Confidence course over 6 weeks and their evening sessions on raising boys and girls. You get so many good ideas from these courses but it seems you can only introduce or change one or two things at a time. For parenting is still my biggest challenge. I occasionally get games of Tri-ominos, scrabble, Upwords and Cranium with family and friends. Puzzles have been great during the winter and the kids love helping out.

For family outings we have; enjoyed socialising with other families, joined Waitangi celebrations, attended open days at the Police College, St Gerrard’s Monastery and Westpac Rescue Helicopter, gone bargain hunting at school fairs, participated in a Passover Feast, toured the Doulous ship, viewed a video presentation on Iran: Seven Faces of a Civilization, gone rock climbing and abseiling, visited museums, dined out at Italian, Chinese, Malaysian, Moroccan and American restaurants, celebrated Guy Fawkes, tried Folk Dancing, attended a book launch, enjoyed mini-golf, attended dance performances of several friends, joined in St Andrews celebrations, cruised on Wellington harbour, attended the Mark extension opening, watched an Oliver production and the Johnsonville Christmas Parade, been entertained by Gravity a Circus group and Global Dance.

As usual James took the day off to spend with each child on their birthday. Hamish was fortunate enough to have his birthday on the same day as the Te Papa 10 year celebrations at which there were a number of special things happening. This year one of the things we’ve done which we don’t usually do is go out to a restaurant for their meal at night. Hamish chose Chinese. On Tane’s birthday this year for the first time he had his Nana and Pops staying so we celebrated at home the night before and then on his actual birthday he had his first go at go-kart racing. Aimée turned 7 this year. We had previously started a tradition that on their 7th birthday they could choose a pet. Aimée got 2 rabbits a boy and a girl. Since one was a boy (neutered) I suggested we call him Stu and the other was a girl, we could call her Gravy, however this did NOT go down well with Aimée. We have invested considerable time in setting up the back garden so it is escape proof for the rabbits, so the rabbits on good days can enjoy the great outdoors and then at night they are safely put into their hutch where it is warmer and drier.

My Rabbit!

Aimee Writes

This year I got rabbits for my seventh birthday.  One is a girl and one is a boy.  They run around our backyard now that we have stopped them from getting into the front lawn, because we don’t like them in the front lawn because it’s too hard to get them.  When we put them in their hutch, three times their door swung open and we had to go and get them.  The boy is better than the girl because the girl bites and scratches you when you try to pick her up and hold her.  The boy is also good because he likes climbing on your shoulder and being held like a baby.  He doesn’t bite you or nibble you.  The girl rabbit is really cute when you lay her backwards and when you put her on your tummy.  She lifts up her head and you can see her teeth.

Fiona Continues

With home educating this year we have continued using the internet maths curriculum called SmartKiddies.  The kids have benefited from education visits including the Colonial Cottage, the Pataka Historic visit, Pataka Textiles, Aesop’s Fables production, a camp where they did a number of outdoor activities, visiting the Zoo, Te Papa and the Science Fair. Hamish and Aimée have also tried free dance workshops, Hamish has been to a drum class.  James has spent 20 evenings with Tane covering an Adolescence study.  Through a free offer Kip McGraith assessed Tane and Aimee’s reading and both of them came out slightly above their age with good comprehension. 

Socially our kids interact with others through their home educating groups, sporting and dancing groups, friends from church, family occasions and birthday parties.  I’ve been really proud of Tane this year as he has stepped out and attended a discipleship group run by another church for intermediate aged kids, gone on a camp up to Foxton with them and attended one of their social gatherings.  He does well at going into a new situation when he’s had time to mentally prepare for it.  At church he has also moved into a new group that meets on Sundays which is for the intermediate age. 

We have thoroughly tried out the NZ health system this year.  Aimée has utilized the free dental care after being referred to a dentist for a root canal.  Tane has discovered the joys of Physio after hurting his knee at soccer training.  I’ve spent a fortune at after care Doctors for bronchitis.  James has endured the process of taking your daughter to the after hours care with urinary infection and been given the second degree.  I’ve benefited from a free carpal tunnel op and Hamish has had his nose cauterized. 

Hamish Writes

Hamish in Hospital

This year I had surgery done in my nose.  I only had it on Tuesday 16 December.  I had to go to Wellington Hospital .  I had to be there at 7:30 in the morning.  I had to wait in a special room.  I had the biggest bed there.  They put on some movies for everybody that was there, because there were several other kids.  I had to wait for them to go first, because they were younger than me.  When it was finally my turn, I got transferred to another room, where I waited a little bit longer.  Then I went into a room where they gave me some special gas to put me to sleep.  When I woke up, I found they had put a tube in my arm, the operation was all done.  Then I had to wait for a little bit longer until I was cleared to go because I was still a little bit dizzy.  That was my Nose Operation.

Fiona Concludes

We’ve enjoyed having relatives, friends and friends of friends stay with us.  One of our hopes when purchasing this house was that people would feel free to stay with us.  Some like my parents arrived when there was only a mattress on the floor in the guest bedroom but I can now say that we have a proper guest bedroom as well as mattresses and bedding for up to 5 people to stay in the rumpus room plus another couple upstairs.  Feel free to stay whenever.  We haven’t done much around the house, just accumulated more books, furniture and now rabbits.  One of the things on the list over the holiday break is to get rid of some stuff.

I’m still involved with Agape Budgeting, supervising new budget advisers, House of Grace running a financial management course for the tenants, Wellington Home Schoolers Association helping modernize their library system and membership processes.  The library project has taken a long time this year.  I should have chosen the finances (which James took on) as I could now say it’s done and finished. 

My two endeavours to be a financial contributing member of the family were mystery shopping (which wasn’t well paid this year if you account for the cost of petrol) and cooking for the Living Waters Camp in July.  Being camp cook is a privileged position and I feel honoured to cook for the LW participants as they work jolly hard all year during the course.  They always pour heaps of compliments over me during the weekend, so it’s very therapeutic for me too, especially when I’m running late or things don’t turn out exactly as planned. 

James Mum

For Christmas this year we are keeping it pretty quiet.  Not much shopping.  I still have a couple of people to buy for but most is now done.  Christmas Day we will go to a service at Elim, visit James’ Mum at Guardian in Whitby, pop into our very good friends The Tansley’s before joining some other good friends the Foley’s for a BBQ.  Boxing Day we will have a few friends over for a BBQ at our place then on the 27th we will be heading off to a Family Camp at Foxton for a week.  James returns to work on 12th January.  If you are around from the 3rd January feel free to pop in and visit or stay.

Over Christmas I hope that you have a lovely time with family and friends, keep safe when travelling and have time for reflection, rest and restoration. 

God Bless

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