Jeremiah: Make No Excuses

Sunday Service

  • 16 July 2017
  • Pastor Al Hall
  • Jeremiah: Make No Excuses

Overview of Jeremiah:

  • A young priest
  • Called to be a prophet
  • Given a message for Israel & the nations
  • About the consequences of their sin
  • Invading army Babylon would destroy the city
  • Message of justice: warning, uprooting & tearing down, judgement
  • Book written by a guy Baruch
  • A collection of sermons, poems & essays from Jeremiah
  • Also stories about Jeremiah

Differences between priests and prophets

Feature Priest Prophet
Job description Prescribed Unpredictable
The audience Individuals Nations
The message Welcome Unwelcome
Support From the offerings Unknown


The answers to all our excuses

The excuse The promise
The task is too tough God has chosen you!
I don’t have what it takes God always equips those he calls!
The time is not right God with us!
A dangerous message God rescues and God prevails!
Let’s talk about it… God’s power through obedience!


Has God called you?

  • Then He will fulfil his purposes in you
  • He will equip you
  • He will enable you
  • He will protect you
  • He will Accompany you

Are you obeying His commands?

  • Then He is with you to protect you.

Are you obedient to what He asks you?

  • Then He will accomplish His purposes, no matter how people react.




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