Sunday Service

  • 9 April 17
  • Pastor Al Hall
  • Forgiveness (Easter)

As followers of Christ, we may think we already know about forgiveness, but we need to be experts at it.  We need to practice it, read about it and get better at it.

But what is Unforgiveness?

Luke 23:13-40

  • Pilate was too scared of the crowd to do the right thing and release an innocent man. Instead of demonstrating forgiveness, he released a murderer.
  • The crowd, were unforgiving of a Man who didn’t behave as the conqueror they were expecting.
  • The soldiers were unforgiving of a man under their power, with no recourse to mercy.
  • The religious leaders were unforgiving of a man who challenged them.
  • The thief on the cross was unforgiving of a fellow helpless victim.

Unforgiveness luggage

  • If the other person, who has offended me, never asks for forgiveness, I could be left with the consequence of holding onto the offence.
  • Forgiveness has very little to do with the offender asking for it.
  • Forgiveness has everything to do with my choosing to let go of the offence.
  • Restoring relationship may (or may not) come afterwards. You may need to be guarded in the future.
  • Forgiveness happens when we put the offence at the foot of the cross.

Challenge this Easter week

  • Look out for unforgiveness,
  • In me!



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