I, Witness

Sunday Service

  • 6 Nov. 16
  • Pastor Arnie
  • I, Witness

Luke 19:1 – Zacchaeus

  • The wee man that climbed the sycamore tree.
  • The man the Lord chose to dine with.
  • The man who repented and gave back all he had cheated.

Let’s take this story out of Sunday school and look at it as an adult:

  • He was corrupt
  • The few were benefitting at the expense of many

What are we to make of a Saviour who chooses to forgive corruption?

  • “For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.”
  • We are all corrupt. We all need forgiveness.
  • We rank certain sins as worse than others. God doesn’t.


  1. Jesus will change us
  2. The changes we make need to be done in relationship with Jesus
  3. The best changes in our life are LED by Jesus
  4. The best changes are when they are actioned!


  • Innovators 2.5%
  • Early adopters 13.5%
  • Early Majority 34%
  • Last Majority 34%
  • Laggards 16%

The Attitude Bell Curve

  • Excited!
  • K.
  • “Eh, Maybe”
  • “Things don’t change”
  • No!

How to change:

  1. Aware of strengths and weaknesses
  2. Seek help!
  3. Accept others opinions may be better
  4. Take notes
  5. Learn from criticism
  6. Take responsibility for failure
  7. Read books – seek answers
  8. Learn to enjoy being out of your comfort zone!
  9. Admit when you’re wrong
  10. Be confident in changing your routine
  11. Be curious

Change is about humbling yourself.

  • Zacchaeus did it.
  • The rich young ruler did not.



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