Weekly Review, 11-Sep-16

Weekly Review

  1. I just gave a 4 minute speech at Manukau City Baptist Church, “Why I am going to Africa.” Well received.  I may post up the PowerPoint later.
  2. Practiced my speech at Toastmasters first, yesterday afternoon. Got good feedback from Kingsley that a) my jokes weren’t funny and b) my story was geographically dispersed and needed to not make the audience do mental jumps.  Improved my speech.
  3. I was Contest Chair for the Area H6 Humorous Speech contest yesterday morning. They give you a script to use, so it wasn’t rocket science, but I needed to improve on getting the relevant forms out to contestants.  Nearly came a cropper because of it.  Tina Brockway really saved my butt, by volunteering to dash home and photocopy forms for me, despite being really crook.  What a trooper.
  4. Finally managed to get my Azure DEV VM to:
    1. Read from my Azure SQL VM;
    2. Publish to my Azure Web App Service; and
    3. Check-in code to my VSTS repository. Have now got a functional end-to-end development environment.  All for the cost of my (free) weekly subscription benefit (NZ$230 per month).
  5. Speaking of which, sorted out my team’s MSDN licensing on Friday. Now, all Developers have MSDN Enterprise, and all Testers have MSDN Professional, so that we call all share the same Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) code base.
  6. Cycled out to Ghana Consulate in Glenfield on Friday afternoon to get a visa for my passport.
  7. Leading Man-to-Man course on Thursday night, covering Conflict Resolution. Another great sharing session.  This is not something we would normally do in our daily lives, but is so precious and useful.  The guys are very encouraging about the value they are receiving from this course.
  8. Had a belated Father’s Day dinner at home on Wednesday night. Fiona, Tane, Jess, Hamish & Aimée were all in attendance.  It was a delicious roast meal, but I most enjoyed the belly laughs.  It was the best Father’s Day ever.
  9. Cycled out to Auckland Travel Clinic on Tuesday to get vaccination shots for Yellow Fever and Hep A. Also bought anti-Malarial tablets.  Not cheap to go private.



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