Weekly Review

  1. My son has finally returned home. Very happy to see him.  His engagement was announced at church this morning.  Very proud of him. Jess is looking radiant.  Very happy for the both of them.
  2. Blokes’ church at Manukau City Baptist Church. Took my Hyosung GT650 (cherry red) to park in the foyer, along with a Rolls Royce, rally car, Oldsmobile & other interesting vehicles.  Re-performed our “Eye of the Lion” song and dance on stage with Gary Clark, Clark Hyland, James Corbett and Gary Jamieson.  That was fun, although we forgot the third verse.  Also, wearing the moustache was a mistake.  My health is not the best at the moment.  I am coughing quite a bit.  So the singing was patchy.  But it was still exciting to perform.  Apparently the sound was better this time.
  3. Claire Barber (Chief Digital Officer) presented her Platforms Roadshow. This is the launch of our new Business Unit, Spark Platforms.  Quite exciting.  We’ve achieved a lot recently.  Morgan Freeman’s voice (if not the man himself) presented a top 15 achievements video.  Claire spoke of our new focus.  A thoroughly invigorating hour and a half of my time.  This is not sarcasm.  I really am a Company Man.  Loyal to the Brand, because the Brand has been good to me and my family.
  4. Successful deployment of Service Pack 23 to the My Spark Digital platform, delivering Voice capability to our Product Provisioning Tracker (in advance of the actual ability from Salesforce). A sterling effort from my team, as always.  Sent a congratulatory email to the team.
  5. Men’s group on Thursday night, dealing with the subject of Anger. Using it appropriately.  Recognizing its power and how it’s perceived as threatening.  Some interesting chatter during discussion time about what “pushes our buttons”.  Some politics were discussed.  Have to agree to disagree on some aspects.  For example, I often hear the complaint that in NZ, under National, the “rich have got richer and the poor have got poorer.”  I challenge that assertion.  Because it is impossible for somebody who is already on zero, to go backwards, especially in our cradle-to-the-grave social welfare society.  So that statement is really about jealousy of the rich.

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