Bloke’s Church

Sunday Service

  • 4 September 2016
  • Pastor Al Hall
  • Father’s Day = Blokes Church

Lessons from Samson’s life

  • Repeated mistakes in his life
  • Slippery slope he started down, and didn’t turn from
  • But God could still use him

Temptations for Samson (and us guys)

  1. Pride
  2. Love and pleasure
  3. Thoughtlessness

Samson didn’t have strong friends to tell him when to stick his head in.  He was the bloke who screwed around, screwed up, had a failed marriage, and returned home to Mum and Dad, ending up in a cave.

We can’t afford to isolate ourselves.  We need to invite God into it and invite others, then get on with being who we would prefer to be.



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