God’s will, made simple

Sunday Service

  • 24 July 2016
  • Pastor Ian Vale
  • Simple: A study through Colossians

Colossians: God’s will made simple:

  • From your beliefs flow actions
  • Simple Theology results in simple choices.

Last week:

  • Prayer: is dialogue with God.
  • Love: do good to the household of faith
  • Hope: living the life of the Age to Come
  • Truth: Christ is the only way to salvation
  • Faith: following Him in simple 6trust

Faith simply is…

  • You must continue to believe this truth, established and firm, and do not move from the hope held out in the gospel.
  • Colossians 1:23

What is the meaning of “believe”?

  • Putting your trust in Christ.
  • I walk by faith… each step by faith.


This week:

  • Monday:
    • Took possession of my new Hyosung GT 650 (cherry red). It’s a dream.
    • Attended Overeaters Anonymous. Getting back on track with my abstinence from compulsive eating behaviours.
  • Tuesday:
    • Deployed Service Pack 19 to production.
    • Deployed Copper service capability on our new Product Provisioning Tracker. Merely awaiting data feed in order to enable this new service.
  • Wednesday
    • Conducted my first Sprint Planning meeting. Was very well received.
    • Commenced service pack 20 sprint.
  • Thursday
    • Worked from home. Tane borrowed the bike. (It is LAMS approved.)
    • Toastmasters Executive Team meeting. Made many useful and necessary decisions.
  • Friday
    • Took Aimée to my work for the last day of school holidays. This was a very old promise that was never actioned previously. She spent the day chasing Pokemon. We had Friday drinks together. It was excellent.
    • Tony Wilson invited me to Star Trek: Beyond movie. It was excellent.
  • Saturday
    • Toastmasters District Club Leadership Training in the morning at Papatoetoe Cosmopolitan Club. My first time as President. It was useful.
    • MCBC Toastmasters club meeting. I thought it went really well. The Area Director (who shall remain nameless) had some recommendations to make, but didn’t couch it in CRC, didn’t listen when proven to be wrong, so I am choosing to ignore them.
    • Fiona invited me to Ghostbusters movie. It was better than I originally anticipated.
  • Sunday
    • Fall-out from yesterday’s TM meeting continues. I have some damage to control. This is not what TM is about. I believe this to be a spiritual attack against the Spirit of our club. We are different and growing and vibrant. I guess some people don’t like that.
    • Barry Shaw is leaving for missions. This will force a re-election for his dual offices of VP Membership and Treasurer.
    • Fiona and I on communion.
    • Our new (second-hand car) refused to start this morning. Got it towed by AA to Mitsubishi Motors Manukau.



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