A study through Colossians

Sunday Service

  • 17 July 2016
  • Pastor Garey Clark
  • Simple: A study through Colossians

The epistle (letter) to the Colossians (believers in Colossae)

  • A meeting place of cultures
  • Blending religions
  • Paul’s concern is the sufficiency and primacy of Christ

The biggies of theology (the study of God)

  1. Prayer
    1. God as Father (Daddy)
      1. Not stern and critical
      2. Loves you and cares for you
        1. Listen for a response
    2. God wants the best for us
    3. God knows what’s best for us
    4. God’s power to accomplish this.
  1. Faith in Christ Jesus
    1. At the CENTRE of it all
      1. Christians in Rome were not executed for their worship of Christ, but because they refused to also worship Caesar.
  2. Love for all of God’s people
  3. Hope for what is reserved in heaven
  4. Truth of the gospel
    1. Jesus is the Way
    2. Jesus is the Truth
    3. Jesus is the Life
      1. The simplicity of the gospel
      2. No-one comes to the father, except through Him



This week:

  • Got my cast off after 6 weeks. I can type freely again now. Had an accident on my bike on the motorway on Tuesday, 1 June. Cracked my left radius (forearm) in two places: at my wrist and elbow. Wrote off my bike.
  • Test drove a 650cc Hyosung, brand new from the dealer, yesterday (Saturday). Bought it. Will pick it up tomorrow (Monday).
  • Completed my 10th Competent Communicator speech at Toastmasters last Saturday.
  • Just gave a promo for our TM club here at church from the front. What a privilege. A point of difference of our club is that speeches of a Christian nature are not discouraged (evangelism). However, the club is open to the community, so the audience is mixed.

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