MCBC Toastmasters Club, 4 June 2016

General Evaluation

04 June 2016, Saturday 4-6pm
By Melanie Alican
General evaluation is a review and assessment of speech evaluators whose task is to help and support the speaker attain his/her specific Speech Project objectives. Its main objective is to ensure that MCBC club embraces and practices values of excellence in terms of fair and effective evaluations.
Tonight was a brilliant night because everyone shows temerity in giving speeches and evaluations. For example, James shows temerity by filling in the role of the President and doing multiple roles as Sgt at arms, Table Topic Master and speech project speaker-let us give him a round of applause. In his speech, James was able to manage to discuss five concepts in short span of time, cutting these into three could help audience clearly capture the message.
In terms of time, although we started 5 minutes late, hopefully we will end the agenda just in time. Neil gave a fun introduction about “timing” and had teamwork-mentoring with Jane Crosbie who reported and commend timely speakers and evaluators.
Our grammarian Jane Carswell was excellent and very at ease in writing the word of the day “temerity” on the whiteboard. She was very detailed with the counts of “uhms”, “uhrs”, and “ahs”, commend few speakers who used the word of the day.
Table Topics promotional idea was brilliant and lots of fun. All participants were in action and gave their best making their product advertisement more saleable. Well done Neil and Kingsley in noticing our guests Ash as a “quick learner”, and Theresa for showing temerity. These two Table Topics evaluators are best recommended for General Evaluator role.
Great job everyone for showing temerity and have a lovely night!

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