Spiritual Rhythms, Part 4

Sunday Service

  • 29 May 2016
  • Pastor Garey Clark
  • Spiritual Rhythms for Ordinary People

So far

  • Prayer
  • Worship
  • Bible-Reading


  • Service
  • Doing something for someone else

John 13

  • Jesus washes his disciples’ feet.
  • Turned the definition of leadership upside down.
Self-righteous Service True Service
Human Effort Relationship with God
Impressed with the big deal Drawn to small
Requires external rewards Content with hiddenness
Concerned about results Can serve freely
Picks & chooses Anyone
Affected by moods and whims Decision
Temporary Life-style
Fractures community Builds community


What fraction of my time is currently spent doing these things?

Activity Hours Week Percent Subtotal
Work + commuting + lunch 50 168 30% 30

(homework helper)


(meals & chores)

















Extended family 168
Church 5 168 3% 37
Community groups








Friends 168
Sleep 49 168 29% 69%
Exercise 5 168 3% 72%


Now, where could service take place in there?

  • Not: create another slice

Some ideas:

  • Service of hiddenness
  • The service of small things
  • The service of guarding the reputation of others
  • The service of common courtesy
  • The service of hospitality
  • The service of listening
  • The service of bearing the burdens of others
  • The service of sharing the word of life


Music video

  • Matthew West
  • Do Something



This week:

  • Attended national convention of Toastmasters NZ (District 72) at Rotorua. Watched the best of the best competing for the right to represent at the International Speech competition. Meet some delightful people, very enthusiastic.
  • Learned how to make my PowerPoints suck less. Instead of a header and 3 bullet points and speaking for minutes at a time per bullet point; what I should be doing is putting up pictures which describe one sentence each. Making the presentation come alive and tell a story.



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