The Battle Begins, Part 2

Sunday Service

  • 10 April 2016
  • Pastor Arnie Hall
  • The Battle Begins, Part 2

Ephesians 6:10-18: the armour of God

  1. Belt = God’s Truth
    1. The Truth is, you’re amazingly made.
    2. If you reject this truth, your truth belt will slip off.
    3. Then you will get distracted by arguing other doctrines.
    4. Then you will be taken out by the enemy.
  2. Breastplate of Righteousness
    1. Protects the vital organs
    2. If Satan attacks you with “you’re nothing but a dirty, rotten sinner” your response should be “you’re absolutely right”.
    3. But, we exchange our filthy righteousness with Christ’s pure righteousness.
  3. Shoes = gospel of peace
    1. Firm foundation
  4. Shield of Faith
    1. To protect us from the fiery arrows of the devil.
    2. Faith will protect you.
    3. It needs to be solid and substantive.
  5. Helmet of Salvation
    1. Tell your story (testimony) of salvation.
    2. It’s powerful. It protects your central processing unit.
  6. Sword = Word of God
    1. It’s powerful stuff
    2. Our one offensive weapon
    3. It is offensive to the world. Why are we surprised when the world wants to take it out?
  7. Pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests.
    1. We have two weapons? (James says: a fair assessment)

But, in order to be effective:

  • We have to put it on
  • We have to put it all on

But, Paul was describing the armour of the hated enemy (Romans) to the people of Ephesus.

  • The Ephesians were a bunch of tunic wearers.
  • We have the more powerful weapon.
  • Be strong in God.





This week:

  • Gave my 8th speech at Toastmasters: Does natural selection prove evolution?
  • Deployed new Feedback app. This is significant because it’s our first Node.JS application (server-side JavaScript).
  • 109 kg. Fitting back into some old clothes again now.





One thought on “The Battle Begins, Part 2”

  1. Thanks James. I have learned through both battles and meditation that not only is the sword an offensive weapon, but all the armor is used for offense. For example, if you have no peace (shoes) you will not be able to charge across the battlefield; the shield is used to protect you as you crash through the enemy line, etc.. We are called to take the battle to the gates of Hades. Defense is sometimes appropriate, but in that case we not only have the armor, but we have the fortress/rock/deliverer/refuge (Psalm 18) that is impenetrable. Cheers, brother.


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