The Battle Begins

Sunday Service

  • 3 April 2016
  • Pastor Arnie Hall
  • The Battle Begins


  • Meet the Enemy (3 Apr)
  • Defence (10 Apr)
  • Resistance (17 Apr)
  • Attitude (24 Apr)
  • The Final Battle (1 May)

1 Corinthians 10

  • How do you deal with temptation? Do you give in to it?
  • How to deal with temptation.

Identify the Enemy

  • Satan = he wants to attack you (and me)
  • Sin = from within, there is no sin that does not result in pain and loss. It often starts with a simple, minor grumble.
  • Self = the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

The three are intertwined:


SINInfiniteTriangle SELF


Identify who’s not the enemy:

  • Not people!
  • Not God!

Recognise the Enemy’s Plans

  • Rob
  • Kill
  • Destroy

Recognise the Enemy’s Tools

  • Deception – you are constantly offered deception.
  • Disappointment – sin promises something good, but always disappoints.
  • Discouragement – the enemy wants to take away your courage.
  • Doubt – being in two minds, paralyses you.
  • Division – work on closing gaps. Don’t let them fester.
  • Desire – e.g. King David & Bathsheba:
  • Distraction – the enemy wants to divert you from your mission.
  • Distress – the enemy wants you to overthink things
  • Depress you – the enemy wants to keep you out of the game.
  • Denial – the enemy doesn’t want you to see the faults that you have.
  • Destroy – the enemy doesn’t just want to hurt you, he wants to take you completely out.
  • Demonic – Straight out evil.





This week:

  • An American YWAM mission team is visiting us.
  • Attended Part 4 of the seminar on Cults on Thursday night. The topic this week was Mormons. I was able to fill in some gaps of knowledge for Grace Adams, as she presented the material and took questions from the floor.
  • Last weekend was Easter Camp for college-age kids at Mystery Creek. There were 5000 kids there. My duty was in charge of one table of 200 kids for two meals a day. We were the South Auckland Hub of about 100 kids (Mangere Bridge, PACT, MCBC & a couple of others).
  • ACDR = Alan, Caleb, Dillon, Ryan
  • NSDN = Noel, Sean, David, Nathan
  • Got back to work, but then had a bronchitis relapse. Ended up taking Thursday sick, and working from home Friday. Feeling better now.



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