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We started on time.  Well done, everybody.  Our banners were on display.  This is good because it increases our emotional investment into the club.

It was Jane’s first time as timer.  Well done.  More about this later.

Lynette, as grammarian, was prepared with 2 copies of the Word of the Day, one each for the front and back of the room.  This was very good.  The word was “Consequently”.  However, the font type may have been too small, for many aged eyes to be able to read and therefore make use of it.

Our club starts with karakia.  While it is not mandatory to belong to this church to attend this Toastmaster Club (in fact, only about 50% do), it is nonetheless a point of difference of this club to commence in prayer.  It is my opinion that this is good and right.  Long may it continue, even when the current members are long gone.

Warren, as Toastmaster, had good linkages (transitions) between items.  However, he “hovered” at the front for us junior members.  (He sat down for seniors!)  He was contest chair this morning at Elim Botany, so did not have time to print our agenda this week.

I believe the end of the summer hours, has led to the current drop in attendence (12 people today).  Hopefully the end of Daylight Savings will encourage others to return.  We all benefit from exposure to many points of view.

Neil gave his evaluation of Ross’ speech.  Welcome back, long time no see.  Neil proved he was listening by the use of many references.  Neil gave good commendations and recommendations.  I hesitate to offer the following recommendation to a senior:  put a bit more variation into your voice to enhance excitement.

Nora gave her evaluation of Patrick’s speech.  She demonstrated enthusiasm for the speech, by speaking about how it made her feel.  She gave good commendations.  She didn’t have any recommendations, apart from noticing that the speech title didn’t match up with the content.  It is important to always offer recommendations, as otherwise, we don’t grow in our ability to give speeches.

Chrissie (Macdonald) was scheduled to give an educational speech about mentoring.  Chrissie did not attend today, perhaps because she was also involved in the Area contest this morning.  Chrissie is Area Director and this would have been a very important date in her calendar.

Hence, Christine (Alcott, who was our Hot Role Holder) immediately was prepared to fill this slot.  Well done on being prepared.  I encourage each one of us to always be prepared to speak, if the opportunity arises.

Christine spoke about Club Officer Roles.  She reminded us that we are due to rotate officers in the 1st week of May.  Christine made her speech interactive, by constantly asking for (relevant) questions from the floor.  This is a good skill to have, and keeps interest in the topic up.  Christine demonstrated great preparation for this educational speech.  I did not get a sense that she was “winging it” at all.

Christine introduced me to an interesting technique for holding club officer elections: we send out a form in advance, asking each one of us “which roles you are NOT interested in.”  The implication being that you are interested and available for all other roles, and hence we get into an election scenario.

Under General Business, Jane (as VP PR) introduced us all to “Be Nice to People.”  She had a container with names written on paper.  We each drew out a random name.  To that name, we are each to write something positive about that person.  The parameters are: either paper or electronic, and either anonymous or not.  It’s up to us. I find this an excellent, encouraging idea.  People who were not present today, may still receive a postive note this week.  Those not here this week, will have the opportunity to do this next week.

Also under General Business, Barry took the initiative and handed around a Ferrero Rocher for each of us, as it was the end of competition time and he just felt like celebrating.

I would also like to take this opportunity to give 3 lessons I learned from my first Area Contest this morning:

  1. Area H5 contest went before my H6 contest.  Therefore, I could have turned up at 10:45 for my H6 contest, instead of 9:00AM.  So, I need to pay more attention to the timing of events.
  2. Our contest was a very good introduction.  The area contest was run very similarly, so I did not feel disadvantaged in any way.
  3. When there are only 4 contestants, they only announce the top 2 winners, instead of 3.  This is entirely appropriate, as it alleviates the embarrassment of the 4th place holder.  Area H5 only had 4 contestants.

I came third place (out of 6 contestants) in the H6 Area competition for my Speech Evaluation.  Congratulations to Stephen Buddai for winning first place.

Manohar was Table Topics Master.  It was very good to see that he was very keen to jump up.  Manohar demonstrated good preparation for his role.  He had great questions, about tricky or potentially embarasing situations, and “what would you do?”  As numbers were low, Manohar also approached some members to ascertain whether they were available to speak, without giving away the theme.  This showed great awareness and sensitivity.  Manohar invited seniors to speak first.  This shows great forethought, too.  He could have extended the number of speakers beyond 6, as we had plenty of time.

Barry and Christine gave their evaluations of the table topics speakers.  They both gave some great commendations and recommendations.  Good on Barry for being able to switch from evaluator to speaker.  This is not easy to do.  They both gave their evaluations in the third person; well done.

Jane gave her timer’s report, which was delivered with her trademarked humour and grace.  This role is not as easy as it at first seems.  You have to remain focussed at all times, and not get so engrossed in the speeches, that you lose track.

Lynette gave her grammarian’s report.  She demonstrated great attention to detail, and great humour in her presentation.  I’ve appreciated her humour in the past.  It’s quite subversive.  She gave good commendations and recommendations, but occasionally forgot to speak in the third person.

Finally, Florence was Listening Master.  Florence showed excellent humour by trying to get more Ferrero Rochers.  Florence asked some very good questions. I often find it hard to remember some of the content because I’m concentrating on evaluating format.

Well done everybody for a very enjoyable and professional meeting.

James Hippolite
General Evaluator


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