Week Ending 13-Dec-2015

This week:

  • Went to Tane’s Senior Prizegiving and Leavers Ceremony for Manurewa High School. He won 1st in Drama.
  • Missed Hamish’s Prizegiving at St John. He won RSA Companion Award.
  • Helped Aimee finish her final project task: the evolution of the technological advancement of the bow and arrow. I have no problem with using the word evolution in relation to inanimate objects. But Biology started complex, and evolution is logically impossible in relation to living things.
  • Attended Aimee’s school prizegiving.
  • Attended Infosys Christmas party as a representative of Spark. Had a fun time playing pool.
  • Had an interesting conversation on my way there with my Muslim colleague about interpretation of the current troubles. We agreed that there is an unseen element involved. We don’t disagree on the cause. My interpretation is that there is a Satan with a diabolical plan. His is that there are people trying to get rich from oil.
  • Apparently Paris is close to an accord on Global Warming, despite the scientific evidence against it. A global conspiracy to steal wealth and redistribute it.

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