Authentic Manhood Graduation Dinner Speech

Course Authentic Manhood
Part 2 The Quest for Authentic Manhood
Speech Graduation Dinner
Date Wednesday 4 November 2015
Time Limit 1-2 minutes
Working Title The Best Things I Learned This Year
Introduction I co-presented with Garey this year the following 4 topics:

10. Three cheers for mentors

15. Genesis of manhood, Part 1

16. Genesis of manhood, Part 2

22. Fathers and sons

Needless to say, I was quite focussed on these four!

Three cheers for mentors In the first of my four sessions, we looked at Exodus 18:14-19, when Jethro gives some wise counsel to Moses, and Moses listens to him.

Mentors empower their men to achieve great things. They get alongside Dads, because Dad can’t do everything, even if they wanted to.   Mentors take the boy to the next level. That’s powerful.

Genesis of manhood, Part 1 From the book of beginnings, we learned about the original plan and purpose for:

A.      Male and Female Value

B.      Male and Female Calling

C.      Social Structure

We were called to notice Adam:

A.      was created first;

B.      is given an occupation and responsibility before Eve’s creation;

C.      is instructed by God with the responsibility of leading with His Word;

D.      names the animals, a signal of his leadership over creation.

E.       Is given a helper suitable for him.

Genesis of manhood, Part 2 From the fall, we learned:

·         Male domination is a personal moral failure, not a teaching of the Bible.

·         Adam’s sin has an unacceptable passivity attached to it.

Real men are called to initiate truth.

Father and sons There are 3 types of parenting:

1.       Absent

2.       Engaged

3.       Strategic

There are 3 ingredients for strategic parenting:

1.       The DIG

2.       The SET

3.       The SPIKE

There is power in Ceremonies (such as this).


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