We Have An Eye-Witness

I had a really interesting conversation this week, sitting around at lunch break in the staff dining area. I innocently mentioned a story I heard on the radio. Apparently, you can pay $12,000 to have your ashes sent to the moon. I don’t know whether this is true. But I expressed a preference to turn my ashes into a diamond. It just appeals.

My work colleague immediately moves on from this topic to dismissing any possibility of life after death. This I took as a direct provocation of my worldview, which is widely known at work, and completely off topic.

At first, I let him wax on, unsure where he wanted this conversation to go. Another colleague expressed his cheerful ignorance of what comes next, leaving open any and all possibilities.

I felt in this instance, discretion was the better part of valour, and decided to merely leave a small gem. So I stated, “It depends on your worldview about whether you believe there was an Eye-witness who went there and came back to tell us about it.” This was my subtle reference to the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  I believe my oblique reference was understood.

There was stunned silence. I took that as my queue to return to work.


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