Three Things to Help You Live in the Light

Sunday 26 July 2015

  • Three Things…
  • Pastor Arnie Hall

1 John 1:5-10

  • Two things diametrically opposed: darkness and light.
  • Hell is completely dark, because God is not there.

Four Dangers

  1. We think there is no difference between light and dark.
    • But no, the Bible clearly says that light and dark cannot co-exist.
    • e.g. fornication, adultery, homosexuality.
  2. That we say we have no sin.
    1. We think we are “good”
    2. Being mostly good doesn’t stack up against a God who is completely good.
  3. That we say we are a follower.
    1. Yet not worry about our sin
  4. That we say we are a follower
    1. Yet not live in the light

Where do you live?

  • In the light; or
  • In the darkness.

Three Things to Help You Live in the Light

  1. Baptism
    1. Acts 2:38.
      1. Repent
      2. Believe
      3. Baptised
      4. Holy Spirit
    2. It’s not meant to be an optional extra up to 5 or 10 years after your decision.
      It’s meant to be an immediate step of obedience at the time of your decision.
  1. Daily Bible Reading
    1. Arnie asks each of us to check with our neighbour if we are spending time each day in the Word.
      1. My honest answer is, “yes” because I have an app which gives me a verse a day. It’s a diet, after previous plans to read the entire Bible in a year.
      2. Arnie has the same Bible app as me!
      3. At the moment, I listen to 45 minutes of Life FM on my motorcycle commute to work each morning and evening. Next year, I could do an audio Bible reading in the morning.
    2. Do a deal with yourself: I will not spend time in Facebook until after I have spent time in my Bible.
      1. It’s not a matter of time.
      2. It’s a matter of priorities.
  2.  Repentance
    1. Saying you’re sorry for the bad things you’ve done, and continuing to do them, is by definition, “living in the darkness”.
    2. Saying I’m sorry isn’t enough. Actual repentance is an observable turning away from the wrong things I was doing.
    3. What is my nagging thing that I really need to change? By change, God often doesn’t want us to moderate our behaviour, but to actually stop it completely. E.g.
      1. Arnie and alcohol
      2. Me and pornography
      3. You (dear reader) and what?

James says:

  • Arnie had a real bee in his bonnet today.
  • And I agree 100% with him.

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