Dealing with Doubt

Sunday 12 July 2015

  • Doubt & Fear – Just Ahead
  • Pastor Garey Clark

Welcome home Ian & Tania Vail

  • 12 year missionaries in Indonesia
  • Work for Wycliffe

Baptism of Sumantha Rao

  • Testimony of witnessing miracles
  • 12 years an adult believer (from a staunch unbeliever)
  • Dozens of friends and family in attendance (Indian community)

Dealing with Doubt

  • Everyone doubts from time to time
  • There are 3 types:
  1. Intellectual doubts:-
    Did certain things really happen? Do they really mean something?

  2. Spiritual doubts:-
    Am I really a Christian? Is Jesus the only way?

  3. Circumstantial doubts:-
    Why did this bad thing happen to me? Why am I still single?

You can talk yourself out of faith, by not dealing appropriately with doubt.

  • Doubt is not the opposite of faith
  • Doubt is not unforgiveable
  • Struggling with God is not a lack of faith

Matthew 11:1-11

  • Even John (the Baptist) doubted whether Jesus was the promised Messiah (a claim he himself had earlier made) because of the unusual way in which Jesus was operating.
  • John was an extraordinary Jew, who, like the majority, expected a conquering King of kings.
  • Jesus’ response was not to rebuke John. It wasn’t to answer directly, “Of course I am”. It was to point to the evidence of His miracles. In effect, listen to the testimony of others.
  • Then Jesus praised John, despite his doubts, as the greatest man “born of woman”. High praise.

Dealing with Doubt:

  1. Admit your doubts and ask for help.
    John the Baptist did. Get some friends. Don’t do it alone.
  2. Don’t be afraid to “borrow” some faith.
    If you need it, rely on others to help see you through.
  3. Act on your faith, not your doubts.
    Do what you believe to be true. Don’t do things in anticipation of your worst case scenario.
  4. Doubt your doubts, not your faith.
    Your doubts could be unfounded, so why should you place more faith in your doubts than in your original faith?
  5. Keep going back to what you know to be true.
    Return to the basis of your faith and rebuild from there.

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