Back to the Future, Part V

Sunday 3 May 2015

  • Back to the Future, part 5
  • Pastor Arnie Hall

John 17:20-26

  • What Jesus prayed for us
  • “those who will come after”

What Jesus prayed for us:

  1. WE ARE ONE, like the Father and the Son
    1. In unity of purpose, with other congregations
    2. What we all agree on:
      • God loves us
      • Sin separates us from God
      • Jesus died on the cross for our forgiveness
      • If we believe in Jesus, we will be saved
      • We then choose to live by Gods commands, as they give life!
      • We have to tell others the good news about Jesus
    3. IN US, so the world may believe
      1. With His message
      2. With His power
    4. WE ARE GIVEN JESUS GLORY, for this purpose:
      1. What Jesus was good at, God wants me to be good at too.
      2. Prayer, healing, teaching, speaking truth, inspiring people
    5. COMPLETE UNITY, so the world may know!
      1. It only takes one to break marriage.
      2. It only takes one to decide not to give up.

How to pray:

  • “Lord, help us to see it Your way”
  • Not, “Lord, help her to see it my way.”

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