Back to the Future, Part III

Sunday 19 April 2015

  • Daniel Cornelius
  • Missionary to Thailand

Working with Thai children who, through no fault of their own, have no documentation and therefore no identity and therefore no access to government services.

  • Mitreejit Christian School for Hilltribe Children
  • Project X – feeding the oppressed and hungry
  • Vision for a new home. God promised to “prepare a place for us”

Back to the Future

  • What Jesus wants you to know, Part III
  • Pastor Arnie
  • After Easter

Your perspective on life

  • If you get this wrong, you’re in for a big tailspin
  • John 15:1-17. The Vine and the Branches


  1. You are clean!
    1. Justified = Just right!
    2. He prunes = He cleans
  2. We need pruning!
    1. God wants to make changes
    2. What is God changing in me right now? (If nothing, then am I in His will currently?)
  3. “Remain in me!”
    1. It is possible to not follow Him.
    2. You need to allow yourself to be changed by Him, else you are a useless branch.
  4. We bear fruit!
    1. He gives us that benefit.
    2. We look good, if we remain in Him.
  5. Obey His commands
    1. The 10 Commandments
      1. No other gods before me
      2. No idols
      3. Keep my name holy
      4. Keep the Sabbath day holy
      5. Honour your father and mother
      6. Do not murder
      7. Do not steal
      8. Do not lie
      9. Do not desire your neighbour’s assets
      10. Do not commit adultery
    2. The 2 Commandments
      1. Love God with all your mind, soul & strength
      2. Love others as yourself.
  6. Joy!
    1. A promise for obedience
    2. Bitterness is a result of unmet expectations
  7. Love God & others
    1. Allow ourselves to be loved by God!
    2. We are adopted into His family.
  8. The world will hate you and give you a hard time!
    1. Do not visit hate with hate.
    2. Love your enemies.

Joy, love & a hard time.

  • Expect nothing less.
  • Remain in Me.

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