Mountains of the Bible

Sunday 18 January 2015

  • Garey Clark
  • Mountains of the Bible

Quotes from Sir Edmund Hilary

  • You don’t conquer the mountain, you conquer yourself
  • We do it for fun


  • Source of inspiration & challenge
  • Either leading to achievements, or failures

Mark 11:12-25

  • Jesus curses the fig tree and it dies.


  1. The fig tree is a symbol for the nation of Israel. Jesus came to Israel, expecting to find fruit, and finding none.
  2. When his disciples asked about the fig tree, Jesus uses it simply to teach about faith.
    1. Jesus expects the mountains to obey Him.
    2. We are to so know the will of God that we can declare it, and it will come to pass. This is not the same as “blab and grab” or “name and claim”. The first sign of a disciple is to deny yourself. We declare His will, not ours. That will always come to pass.
    3. Our words have power to wound or encourage. To build up or tear down.

If you believe what you are saying, then you will begin to put in place the actions and behaviours that are necessary to achieve your goal.

  • Declaration without belief = failure
  • Declaration with belief = success

Some don’ts:

  • Don’t counsel somebody that the reason why they haven’t received, is because they don’t have faith enough. Who are you to presume to measure their faith?
  • Don’t belittle your own measure of faith.

One do:

  • Do forgive others, else God can’t hear your prayers. Your unforgiveness blocks His grace.

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