The End (Part 4 of 4)

The End (Part 4)

  • Pastor Garey Clark
  • Imminence


  • The anticipation of a (fun) event adds to the fun.
  • The worry about a punishment adds to the punishment.

Matthew 24

  • Be ready for my return.
  • Wait eagerly.

How do we maintain an active anticipation?

  • Particularly when it seems to take forever?
  • Particularly when God appears to have gone silent?

The parable of the 5 foolish and 5 wise bridesmaids.

  • All 10 fell asleep.
  • The 5 wise ones had a backup plan.
  • The 5 foolish ones were left out.
  • “Believe me, I don’t know you.”

Are we “once saved, always saved” or “conditionally saved”?

  • “Keep watch”

Keep watch

  • Pay strict attention to.
  • So that we don’t fall into trouble.

Take notice of what’s happening around us…

  • Mid-life crisis.
  • Divorce after 30 year marriage

Cloak of respectability

  • Say the right things
  • Do the right things
  • A social veneer
  • Lying

What causes people to fall asleep in their faith?

  • Failure to deal with the disappointments of unanswered prayer.
  • We fail to address the pain in our souls.
  • Our inadequacies, our failures, our abuse, our rejections.
  • We don’t trust others to help us to deal with our struggles.
  • We don’t trust others to fix us, but we want others to listen to us.
  • So, because we aren’t connecting with others in a meaningful life giving way, we drift off.
  • We stop experiencing God’s redemptive grace.

Keep Watch

  • Our ability to connect with God is proportional to our ability to connect to others.

In a year’s time

  • If you are keeping watching of the issues which are affecting your heart;
  • And if you deal with those through staying connected (and not withdrawing);
  • Then you will see more of God’s redemptive grace in your life.

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