#sparkInnovation14 Part 2

Saturday Afternoon:

  • The seventh session: “The Art and Science of Story Telling”
    • Hook, “What’s in it for me (the audience)?” & 3 points (with evidences) and the kick (closing the deal).
    • Discussion around: choose appropriate level for your audience, story-telling in a tweet (it can be done); brevity vs. detail; journalism “inverted pyramid” of information: who-what-where-when (the “why” comes later).
  • The eighth session: “Human Extinction: What’s going to cause it, and should we bother to prevent it?” Is it better for the planet to let it happen to us? How much do we value future generations, in that we are willing to change today?
    • Asteroid Strike, Rouge A.I., Ebola (virus/black plague), Zombie apocalypse, Nuclear War, Alien Invasion, Global Warming.
    • Population control: agree or disagree? (I was the sole dissenter. My reasoning being that the Chinese example is too draconian. It should be a heart decision.)
    • Humanly speaking, there is no denying that we are growing our population within finite resources to breaking point.
    • There is a competing philosophy: that the Creation was made for Man, not Man for the Creation; meaning: we are to be good stewards of the environment, but not limited by it.
    • Spiritually speaking: there is hope, if we will change our hearts and agree to work for the Greater Good (The Golden Rule).
    • (There were some militant humanists in the room, in that my right to survive outweighs anybody else’s, to the point where I am justified in any action in order to ensure the survival of me and my kind.)

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