Blokes’ Church

Blokes’ church

  • Visiting speaker, Pierre
  • Father’s Day
  • Worship was great. Lots of boisterous and loud praise and worship songs, rounded out with a stirring rendition of “Be Thou My Vision.”

Mark 5:21-43

  • The daughter of Jairus, died and resurrected; and
  • The woman with the issue of blood, healed.


  • A ruler in the synagogue; and
  • A father.

The speaker

  • Is also a father; and
  • Has a daughter with Down’s syndrome.

Continuing, the speaker asks:

  • Whether there is anything magical about the garment that Jesus was wearing, that the woman touched, that she became healed?
  • James answers, no.

Some points from this passage of Scripture:

  • Jairus went against his leadership training in putting his trust in Jesus.
  • The women went against her culture in daring to reach out to Jesus.
  • Relevance è Sometimes, you will need to go against your culture, against your training and put your faith and trust in Jesus, because He is worthy and He is able.

And then:

  • Jairus received the news of the death of his daughter, and gave up. But Jesus stepped in and required him to continue to trust. The end result was a greater miracle than the healing, but that of her resurrection.
  • The woman received her healing, but then Jesus required her to identify herself and her ailment. The end result was a greater miracle than the healing, but that of the forgiveness of her sins.
  • Relevance è Sometimes, Jesus will require you to go further, in order to receive a greater miracle.


  • Faith in Christ will be challenging to your culture.
  • You will be tempted to turn back.
  • Stand firm, not only is He worthy, but He is able to see you though.

Why did:

  • Jairus go against his training? Probably, he had seen the miracles performed in the synagogue, earlier in Mark’s gospel.
  • The woman go against her culture? Probably, she had heard of the miracles Jesus had been performing.
  • Relevance è We need to get a vision of His Power, in order to see us through our daily trials and tribulations.

The speaker finishes with:

  • Jairus means “Jehovah Enlightens”. Probably, Jairus had his eyes opened to the Power of Christ. He was enlightened by God. Will you allow yourself to be enlightened by God?
  • It has always been about “Saved by Faith in Christ Alone”
  • Now he draws something, while music plays.

My style is more cerebral and less artistic. I’m a teacher, rather than a preacher. What’s the difference?

  • A teacher is teaching a subject with authority. He’s an expert in that subject.
  • A preacher is teaching the Word of God with authority. He’s anointed by God to do it.
  • We are all called to exercise as many gifts of the Holy Spirit (including teaching and preaching) as necessary, at diverse times.

Art in the Church


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