Faith, Hope & Love (Part III)

200 Years of Hope

  • Christmas Day 1814 was the first Christian service in Aotearoa
  • Reverend Samuel Marsden

Engage Conference (yesterday)

  • How to tell an interesting story:
    • I = Incident (single)
    • M = Magic words (who, when, where)
    • P = Powerful tagline (…and the lesson I learned was…)
    • A = Appropriate (make it relevant to the audience)
    • C = Colour it with facts (make it interesting)
    • T = Time (about 2 minutes)
  • How to start a conversation:
    • Nameplate – What’s your name?
    • House – Where are you from?
    • Family – What’s your family situation? (asked carefully)
    • Clock – What do you do with your time? (Not necessarily in employment)
    • Aeroplane – Where have you been? (What interesting things have you seen?)
    • Tennis Racquet – What do you do with your spare time? (Not necessarily sport)
    • Light Bulb – What ideas/dreams do you have?
  • Have a written personal testimony, with contact details, in order to hand out, when appropriate.

Faith, Hope & Love

  • Pastor Garey Clark
  • Faith – Previously covered.
  • Hope – To have joyful and confident expectation of eternal salvation.
  • Love – Not an impulse from a feeling. Does not always run from our natural inclinations. It’s an act of the will.

1 Corinthian 9:1-18

  • What are rights? Privileges for those in authority.
  • Paul has the right to demand payment for teaching the gospel.
  • But he exercises his power of choice not to exercise that right.

1 Corinthian 9:19-27

  • Paul chooses not to exercise his right to support, in order to be free to preach to any and all.
  • If he accepted support, he might be constrained (this still happens today).
  • He had liberty of doing as (he felt) God pleases.

What rights will we give up so that we can offer ministry of the gospel? The right of:

  • Holding a grudge – this will block communication and/or reconciliation.
  • Having a protected heart – this will block love.
  • Holding on to hurt – this will block growth.
  • That your kids should love (and obey) you – this will block their ability to differentiate and grow.

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