Why Christians Can’t Trust Psychology

From Why Christians Can’t Trust Psychology by Ed Bulkley, PhD.

Summary of Contrasts (p325)

Feature Christianity Psychology
Comes from Heart of God Heart of Man
Starting assumption “In the beginning, God…” – Creation “In the beginning, bog…” – Evolution
Man is Special creation of God, made in His moral image The end result of billions of years of random events
Truth comes from The Bible is the inerrant Word of God and the only absolute source of truth Where you find it and man’s mind is the final judge
Leadership Ministers who preach from Scriptures Priesthood of therapists who quote one another
Supported by The tithes and offerings of its disciples Fee schedules and insurance payments
Claims to explain man’s deepest questions via The Bible – available to everyone Only therapists – who have had years of formal training
Claims to Reveal the motives of the human heart Explain the unconscious drives of the human mind
Claims that Humans can be transformed by the miraculous and mysterious power of God It can transform man by helping him to understand, accept, and love himself
The nature of Man A sinner, separated from the life of God Essentially good, and needs to recognize his full potential
Without Christ Man is hopeless Man is only limited by his imagination
Claims that Man is lost and that Christ is the only way It can help man find his own way
Nature of man’s problems Sin Man suffers from disorders
God’s people Must not conform to the world Must counsel the way the world does
Each person Is responsible for his own choices Is a victim of his environment
Claims that Man can be forgiven, cleansed and healed We must return to our past, embrace our pain and explore our inner self
Answer for guilt Man’s repentance and God’s forgiveness The conscience to be desensitized
We must Crucify self Actualize self
Our battle is Spiritual Sexual – Freud
History Over the centuries has produce millions of permanently transformed lives by the liberating truths found in Jesus Christ In barely one century, has captured the minds of millions with a message that has enslaved mankind to vacillating theories which promote sinful behaviour
Points Man to God Self



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