What are the Fatal Flaws in Evolution?

  • Natural Selection
    • Natural Selection can’t actually generate anything new; it can only operate on whatever is existing.  And it can only operate to remove what is existing.
  • Genetics
  • All modern scientific evidence points to the decay of an original good design; if you like, good information getting worse.
    • Origin of Life
      • Many evolutionists claim that the Origin of Life is not part of Evolution, but come on: they believe that all living things came from a single cell which in turn came from a primordial soup, but notably absent from any rock anywhere is any trace of a primordial soup.
      • Fossil Record
        • Existence of a fossil by itself is actually proof that something happened very, very fast.  We also know therefore that the rocks the fossils are formed in, must have been formed quickly as well.
        • Geologic Column
          • What we see points to catastrophic processes in the past.  It fits exactly with the account, in Genesis, of Noah’s flood which destroyed the whole earth.
          • Radiometric Dating
            • If the whole Earth was pure Carbon 14, it could only last about a billion years before it’s all gone and we couldn’t detect it.  And yet, we repeatedly find Carbon 14 in objects which are claimed to be millions and even billions of years old, including diamond.
            • Cosmology
              • Stephen Chew, Obama’s Energy Minister, says, “We know nearly everything we need to know about the universe except for some small details: What is dark energy and what is dark matter?”  That’s 96% of the stuff of the universe we know nothing about!
              • Ethics
                • Now there are some moral implications there.  If a Creator made us, He owns us and has a right to make the rules for us.  But if things make themselves, then, there’s no right and wrong.  We’re really just bags of rearranged pond scum.  So, what is murder?  It’s really just one bag of chemicals impacting another bag of chemicals.
                • There’s another reason why an Evolutionist will hold onto their belief system, even when all the fatal flaws are revealed, and that is because if Evolution isn’t true, it strongly points them in a different direction.

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