Palm Sunday

Sunday Service

  • Pastor Arnie Hall
  • Manukau Baptist

Palm Sunday

  • Easter is the biggest celebration in the Christian calendar
  • There’s no bigger sacrifice in all of human history
  • All of the Bible leads up to it, or derives from it


  • The seat of power in that region at the time
  • The big, bad city
  • Jesus would have visited it several times as an observant Jew, but it wasn’t his home.
  • Religiously complex:

o   Romans – The invaders

o   Zealots – Wanted to attack

o   Essenes – Took flight and cocooned themselves

o   Pharisees – Carry on with moral teachings

o   Sadducees – Rome isn’t all bad. We can work with them a little bit. A corrupted priesthood, light on religion.

  • When Jesus rode in, and the crowd went nuts, the Pharisees and the Sadducees combined to get rid of the trouble-maker.
  • His arrival (and the crowd’s reaction) disrupted the most important week for them – Passover

Four cups:

  • Sanctification – to remember coming out from under the Egyptians
  • Justice – I delivered you from slavery
  • Redemption – God will sort things out
  • Restoration – I will take you to be my people and I will be your God.

Jesus was speaking “I will redeem you” during the 3rd cup.

  • Another claim at divinity.
  • He didn’t get to the 4th cup. That’s still to come.

When Jesus rebuked the disciples for dropping asleep, he mentioned “can you not keep watch for 1 hour?” This refers to the Hour of Watching, when the Hebrew’s were meant to be ready to escape Egypt.



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