The Evangelism Conference

The Evangelism Conference

Session One:

  • The coming of the Gospel to Aotearoa – the untold story
  • Marsden, “the flogging parson”. He only flogged hardened criminals, e.g. Australians.
  • Ruatara invited Marsden.
  • Christmas Day, 1814, the first sermon

Our history:

  • Invitation, not imposition
  • Marsden’s vision
  • Gospel impact
  • Peace
  • The gospel spread
  • The battle against colonisation

Jesus – all about hope

  • The vision – To initiate a conversation about the reasons for the hope we have in Christ (1 Peter 3:15) with every home in our nation through media, while helping prepare followers of Jesus to engage that conversation
  • Initiate – Make the most of it!

Partnership is necessary

  • Because this is sincerely about a relational approach.
  • 200 Years of the Gospel in Aotearoa


Session Two:

  • Understanding our culture
  • Why doesn’t the old time gospel seem to work anymore?
  • How has our culture changed?


  • After modernism
  • Modernism = “there are answers”
  • Post = “there aren’t”
  • We became sceptical of truth

In NZ:

  • 50% believe in a God
  • 30% believe in a higher power
  • 20% believe in nothing defined

What was Jesus’s method of ministry?

  1. He talked at their level (engaged them)
  2. Always with an ear open to the Spirit


Session Three

  • How to start a normal conversation
  • We are the most advertised to generation in history
  • Therefore people are instantly on guard against and sceptical of anybody trying to sell a message.

How to start a normal conversation?

  1. Remove the gospel agenda
  2. Ask them what they believe
  3. Ask them… (the devil mucked up my laptop and I missed this point)

How do you turn a conversation?

  1. What do you mean by?
  2. Where did you get that idea from?
  3. Have you considered?


Session Four

  • The necessary centrality of the Gospel in Christian witness

What is the Gospel message?

  1. There is a single, knowable God,
  2. He made us with free will.
  3. We used our free will to do our own thing.
  4. The Bible calls all of these things, Sin.
  5. We try to mitigate these things with Good Works.
  6. The problem is that God’s standard is perfection, and we’ve already missed the mark.
  7. One day we’re going to die.
  8. There’s only one of two places we’re going to go.
  9. Jesus paid the penalty for our sin.
  10. We must choose to accept his free offer.

What must I do?

  1. a. Admit – your need
  2. b. Believe – in Christ
  3. c. Commit – to obey


  1. Where are you on this spectrum?
  2. Where do you think you will go after death?
  3. Are you ready to make a decision?
  4. What is your hindrance to making a decision today?


10 ways to share faith (8 don’t involve words)

  1. Share the gospel yourself, with (Word mucked up again)
  2. Blah
  3. Blah
  4. Blah
  5. A tract
  6. A booklet
  7. A DVD
  8. Blah
  9. Blah
  10. Website


  • There is only one thing you must never do…
  • Nothing!
  • So long as you do something, God can use it!
  • What can you start with?



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