Revealing Jesus

Sunday Service

  • Manukau City Baptist Church
  • Visiting speaker: Pastor Dave Peters
  • Opening Song: Our God is Able (Hillsong)


  • Solid Foundations
  • Discovery Evening
  • New Series: On Mission

Revealing Jesus

Mrs Greta Peters

  • Father is looking for willing churches where He can dig deep and wide wells of salvation.
  • I sense that God is going to sew the will that exists here today.
  • To remind us of the power of the blood of Jesus.
  • Contrast: Red & White.  Dead & Alive
  • Revelation 7:  Their robes were made white in the red blood of the Lamb.
  • Our records of sin are wiped clean in the blood of Jesus.
  • It has power to totally cleanse us from all sin.
  • The power to protect, keep safe & deliver us from the power of the devil.
  • The ultimate purpose of the blood: the power to draw near those who were once far away.
  • For those wishing to know him, the Holy Spirit will release a season of revelation.
  • May God give us all a fresh appreciation and gratitude for the power of the blood.


  • In worship time: Dave feels there are people here who are worried, to the point of losing sleep.
  • Be encouraged from 1 Peter 5:7.  Cast all your cares on Him.
  • Isaiah 26:3.  You keep us in perfect peace…

Resources are available

  • He’s written a book
  • Transform your valleys of trouble into gateways of hope.
  • And a CD: Destined to Overcome

Dave had a vision

  • Jesus said “I will give my people grace for a greater revelation of me.”
  • Thinking about the Welsh Revival.
  • Two Welshmen, Steven and George Jeffries.
    • James says
    • The founders of Apostolic and Elim denominations
  • They began to preach the 4 square gospel:
    • Saviour
    • Healer
    • Baptiser
    • Coming King
  • The church of Jesus Christ needs a fresh revelation of Him as Saviour.
  • Imperfection is a reality in this life.
  • (Western) People are very used to hearing the about the Good News, but they’re not so aware that there is a Bad News of which they should be afraid.
  • Hell is real.
    • James says:
    • It is the absence of God.
    • People think that since they live without God today, therefore they will be able to handle Hell.
    • What they don’t realise is how much God is protecting them here and now.
  • There is a Book of Life and books of our acts.
  • For those whose names are found in the Book of Life, our actions will result in our reward.
  • For those whose names are not found in the Book of Life, their actions will result in their punishment.
    • CS Lewis says:
    • There is a hierarchy of reward and a lower-archy of punishment.

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