Why do you believe in God?

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Mary Grant

Why do you believe in God?

  • Todd Symons
  • Different people gave their reasons.
  • Mine was: Evolution is a lie, therefore literal 6-day Creation is the only truth.

Some people don’t believe in God

  • Because they were expecting to find their lost camera in the bag;
  • But instead it was a baguette.
  • (Expectations not met)
  • (But God’s ways are higher)

Genesis 22:

  • Abraham’s Obedience Tested
  • It’s conveyed quite casually in scripture, but must have been traumatic for everyone.

Frank Ocean

  • Grew up in a Christian home.
  • Grandmother was a fire-breathing pentecostal.
  • Struggled with his sexuality.
  • Screaming at heaven.
  • Hearing nothing back.
  • Nobody has it perfect.
  • What’s our response?
  • Rejection or acceptance (of the man, not necessarily the sin)?
  • (Hate the sin, love the sinner — James)

Faith has room for error — his words, not mine (James).

  • Sometimes it is hard to have faith in God.
  • This doesn’t impact his belief in God.
  • (Even Satan believes in God — James)

Thomas the Doubter

  • Thomas was the first one to articulate “You are my God”
  • (What about Peter? — James.  Peter called Jesus, Messiah.  Matt 16:16)
  • Struggle through your doubts.
  • Doubts do not necessarily mean you lose your salvation.
  • Nobody has it perfect.

Moses questions to God:

  • Who am I?  (What makes me perfect?)  God’s response: Go!
  • Who are you?  (What are my credentials?)  I AM

We can never comprehend the bigness of God

  • But we should embrace that bigness.
  • I think he’s telling us to stop being black & white, which puts God in a box.
  • Allow God to be.


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