Today’s Sermon

Partners NZ

  • Ruth (Stu, Carissa, Aliana & Caleb)
  • Was 14 years in Thailand.  Now Burma.
  • Love Never Gives Up
  • Tranz-Send (NZ Baptist Missions)

Love Never Gives Up

  • What is true love?
  • Little Bikes for Burma

Gui Pong’s story

  • Born with difficulty
  • Some brain injury
  • A “stateless” person”
  • 18 years lying down

6 Months Later…

  • Has a wheelchair
  • Learned to walk
  • Much happier


  • Only 4% of children are in school
  • Soldiers burn down schools
  • We(*) support salaries for teachers

Would you like to be a Change Maker?


Experiencing God

  • Ian & Tania
  • Work in Indonesia with Wycliffe Bible Translators
  • Church of 12,000
  • Sometimes takes an hour to get out of the parking building

Experiencing the Bible

  • Knowing that we need to pursue a love relationship with God
  • John 16:25-31

We need to understand the Bible at a deeper level.

  • This passage shows that Jesus sometimes used parables in order to hide deeper meaning.
  • There are three levels to understanding.

Three layers of belief:

  1. Surface = Yes, He said it…
  2. Interpretation = It meant this…
  3. Understanding = It means this for me…

(Ears, Eyes)         ==>           Mind     ==>           Heart

John 5:39

  • “You search the Scriptures diligently, thinking that they testify of me, and so they do.”
  • But you failed to come to Me.


  • You can read about Him
  • But until you meditate on His Word, you will miss being with Him.

Three sources of guidance:

  • God
  • The devil
  • Yourself

Does your source of inspiration align with one of those three?

AD 1550

  • When chapters and verses were invented, by Robert Esdien.
  • Some scholars say he did it while riding on horse-back.
  • Because many chapters start in odd places.
  • E.g. Romans 12:1 “Therefore brothers…”
  • What’s the “therefore” there for?
  • So, read the previous chapter to put it into context.

There are many ways God can speak to you…

  • His Word
  • Audible voice
  • The testimony of others (confirmation)
  • Circumstances
  • Thoughts, feelings
  • (These should all be in alignment, else it’s not God)

Seek God

  • Open up the lines of communication
  • Be facilitators between a wounded soul and the Holy Spirit

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