New Beginnings

Manukau City Baptist Church Light Party Debrief

  • A nine-year-old in charge of the Basketball.  He was the boss.  He served with all his heart.
  • A businessman volunteer.  Was in the boxing ring, actively refereeing.
  • 2,900 people through the gates
  • 2,300 sausages consumed
  • Well done, everybody.

But, some people were asking, “Am I allowed to come to this church?”

  • This is sad, that they thought they needed to ask permission.
  • We haven’t invited them.
  • We need to invite them.

New Beginnings

  • Ministry of Jesus to the ministry of the apostles
  • Hiding to boldness
  • Presence of Jesus to presence of Holy Spirit
  • Old covenant to new
  • Israel as God’s chief witness to the church being God’s witness
  • Worship from synagogues to anywhere
  • Jews to Gentiles
  • Circumcision to Baptism
  • Jerusalem to the rest of the world
  • Law to grace
  • 20 disciples to 3,000 to millions
  • “Special person” doing miracles to anyone

Acts 9:1-22

  • Saul’s Conversion
  • Saul in Damascus and Jerusalem

Saul was caught in a bright light

  • In ancient times, there was no other source than God for this light.
  • Saul was convinced.
  • What do we have to bring out into the light?
  • What thing(s) in our lives, if they were exposed, would cause us to turn 180 degrees and walk in a different direction?

Romans 12:2

  • Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
  • Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – his good, perfect and pleasing plan.


Things that can hurt you:

  1. Habits
    Capture the simple things first.  Then you can move onto the big things.
  2. Attitudes
    Do everything you can to have a positive attitude.
  3. Perceptions
    Discern clearly and seek wisdom.  Get the truest perception of reality possible.
  4. Relationships
    Some can be helpful and some harmful.  Learn to discern which is which.

Things that can help you:

  1. Skills
    Develop them one at a time, intentionally.
  2. New Friends
    Choose wisely.  These can help you.
  3. Opportunities
    Actively look up and sniff the wind.
  4. Faith
    You have to have great faith, or you won’t make it.  if you believe God for big things, you are much more likely to see God respond.

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