Jesus’ Ministry Begins

Manukau City Baptist Church

  • Senior Pastor
  • Alastiar (Arnie) & Aly Hall

How do we see God?

  • Stern, vengeful, throwing lightening bolts?
  • What’s our first thought?

If we believed he really knew us, would that:

  • Comfort you?
  • Discomfort you?

People’s perception of God (at the time of Jesus)

  • angry
  • distant
  • impersonal
  • cared about the temple
  • cared about offerings & sacrifices
  • cared about “important” people
  • demanded good
  • vindictive
  • old, out of touch

The Wedding at Cana

  • John 2
  • Jesus’ first miracle
  • Turning water into wine
  • Why?  Because it’ reversed every single one of people’s perceptions (above)


  • warm
  • present
  • personal
  • cared about life outside of the temple
  • cared about people first
  • cared about ALL people
  • was good
  • positive
  • fresh & current

The new perception of God

  • I am here to serve
  • I am here to overcome evil
  • Whoever believes in me is not condemned
  • I am Lord of all!
  • Overcoming personal demons
  • More powerful than any illness
  • Jesus can forgive sins!
  • Jesus will meet with anyone!

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