Faith by Pastor Lai Leng Tukua


  • You’ve got to be gutsy to be a Christian.
  • You can’t be a wimpy Christian.


  • James talked about St Peter:
    • From Failure to Faith
    • He was rough and tough (like a rugby player)
  • Fiona talked about father Abraham. 
    • Father of the faith
    • Friend of God

James 2:19

  • You believe there is one God?  Good!  But even the demons believe that, and shudder!
  • They shudder, because they know they’re on the losing side.

What’s the difference between demons and us?

  • They are in the spiritual realm; we are in the physical realm.
  • We (all) were created in the image of God; free to choose sides.
  • They have chosen to side with Satan; we are free to choose between Satan and Jesus.

Genesis 12:1

  • “Leave your country, your people and your father’s household.  Go to the land I will show you.”
  • Abraham had to be gutsy to leave Ur to go to some unknown destination.
  • God asks the same of us, “Come follow Me!” (Matthew 10:37-39)

2 thoughts on “Faith by Pastor Lai Leng Tukua”

  1. James – what does this mean when you post these outlines? Is this where you listened to a speaker, took notes, and then summarize it in your own words? If so that’s an interesting method…you reinforce your own intake and share it with others.


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