My Submission on the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill

I just sent my submission to government.  Here’s what I wrote:

I do not want my government to redefine marriage. I do not believe government has the moral right to do so. Governments of the people for the people merely recognise natural rights. They cannot and should not attempt to create new rights. This can only be done by removing real rights.

On the subject of recognition of same-sex relationships, they already have Civil Unions. This should be sufficient.

As a potential marriage celebrant myself, I do not want the government to force me to go against my principles in blessing a union which I do not believe to be in the best interests of society.

On the subject of same-sex adoption, that I believe this Bill is targeted to achieve, I believe that all children have a right to their biological mother and father. It is not possible in nature to reproduce without both sexes, therefore we should not be making a law for the exceptions.

I believe the NZ Government should send a strong signal, in accordance with the majority of research into the matter, that the natural family unit is the best place to raise a child.

I have indicated a willingness to present this submission in person:

Happy to present this submission in person. Not particularly fussed either way. I don’t claim to be an expert in the field, merely a concerned and interested citizen.

We’ll see what happens next!


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