2012 Stand Firm

Christian Youth Camp

  • Ngaruawahia
  • Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong.  1 Cor. 16:13
  • Guest Speaker: Lewis Meyer

One of the things NZ needs most:

  • Boys growing up to be men of strength and courage;
  • Not feminised wimps.
  • Talking about strength of character.
  • Save yourself from a lot of misery;
  • Pleases God.

The way you behave depends on the way you think;
The way you think depends on the way you believe.

Stand Firm in Your Thinking

1. Creation

Science and the Bible

  • What do scientists believe about where life and the universe came from?
  • Fred Hoyle: The Big Bang.
  • Moses: God did it.

How can we know for sure?

  • Eye witnesses.
  • God is the only witness.

What does God teach?

  • God made everything.
  • [What comes from nothing?]
  • An atheist doesn’t believe in God.
  • Therefore they must believe that absolutely everything came from absolutely nothing for absolutely no reason.
  • This is called an absurdity.
  • Most people, when explained this definition, are actually agnostic, not atheistic.
  • Agnostic: they don’t know about God.

Our Creator and Our Universe

The Anthropic Principle

The might God created a mighty universe.

  • Scale to 1 cm = 1 million km.
  • Sun is 1.4 cm wide.
  • Earth (grain of sand) 1.5m away.
  • Jupiter (.14cm) 8 m from sun.
  • Pluto (.005cm) 59m from sun.
  • Nearest star (Alpha Centauri) 400km away.

Why were the stars created?

  • For light and energy
  • To determine times and seasons
  • To serve as signs and wonders

Our powerful sun

  • Can hold about a million earths.
  • Converts 655 million tones of helium to energy every second.

Is First Life Possible By Chance?

  • A Living Cell
  • The difference between Christians and atheists: we believe in miracles, with God to create them.  They believe in miracles (the first living cell) with nobody to create them.

Can More Complicated Creatures Evolve by Chance?

  • Does creation agree with good science?
  • Yes, because…
  • Creatures are like computers.
  • To see new things you need new information on the inside.

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