The Weld

AKA Classic Conditioning

  • e.g. Pavlov’s dog.
  • In a weld, the dog would eat the bell!

Difference between Islam and Christianity

  • Christianity is mutual submission: e.g. a couple on two bikes, biking together, sometimes where he needs to go, and sometimes to where she needs to go.
  • Islam is subjugation: e.g. a tandem bike, with the man always deciding where to go, and the women behind, punished if she stops peddling.
  • People who have been abused, equate submission with subjugation, and cannot submit.

What distinguishes the mature from the immature?

  • If you’re a pleaser, you can never mature.
  • If the opinions of other people alters your mood.
  • If the opinions of other people, matter more than the opinion of God.
  • You haven’t individuated.
  • “If you’re confident, you must be arrogant”
    • = the Kiwi tall poppy syndrome.
    • = a welding
  • Humility is not self-deprecating.
  • Humility is agreeing with God, about who you are.

Welding always take place behind a curtain, and from there, control your life.

  • Punctuality to futility = never punctual.
  • Standing in a queue to futility = hate queues.
  • Weld feelings to reality
  • “Perception is reality” is not true!

Women were made to respond to the initiative of the man.

  • Women are an amplifier of what they receive.
  • Men don’t close of emotional connection.  You will run her well dry.
  • You must give yourself the nurture you would give your children.

How do I change?

  • Fake it till I make it.
  • Just get over it.
  • Don’t let your feelings dictate your actions.
  • Limbic lag = the difference between what you feel and what you know is true.
  • e.g. a kiwi driving on the right-hand side of the road.  Feels wrong, but is necessary, else you die.
  • Short term pain for long term gain.

What causes pain?

  • UBF’s = Unbearable Feelings = an emotional bruise from a traumatic experience
  • Welds = wedding a UBF to a reality
  • Default Mood

Anger is usually actually fear in disguise

  • “What’s the emotion you are so afraid of feeling, that you have to dump on me?”
  • “To the defiled, all things are (as if) defiled.” Titus 1:15

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