Discovering One’s Default Mood

Incremental exposure to unbearable feelings, makes them bearable.

  • Coping mechanisms
  • Survival kits
  • What do you tell yourself to get through an unpleasant experience?

Default Mood

  • Gaining the courage to call your attitude a ‘leftover’
  • Like the screen saver on a computer.
  • What is your default mood when you’re not on display?
  • Whatever it is, eventually, your mood will make you.

Emotion Based Reasoning

  • The emotion becomes your reality.
  • Your default mood will grow and swallow you up.
  • You won’t be a soul anymore, only your default emotion.

Antidote to feeling overwhelmed

  • Do what you can do, as you can do
  • Leave the miracles to God

Missing out, yet again?

  • Therefore can’t commit, because they might miss out on something better.
  • Rest in God

Adults don’t change until they have to.

  • It’s pain that is the motivator to change.
  • Hopefully, we will absorb all these tools before the pain demands it.
  • Hope that your future can be better than your past.

A King Lie

  • The future will just be more of the past.

Motivational Factors:

  1. Pain
  2. Future State
  3. Relationship

Emotion-Directed Reasoning

  • the vicious loop
  • self-fulfilling prophecy

Truth Coaches

  • Pivotal Key to Change
  • The internal comeback
  • Real answers
  • NOT: The Power of Positive Thinking

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