Current Thoughts on Schooling


  • After 14 years, Tane decided to try schooling out.
  • He went in at year 11, NCEA1, to a decile 8 or 9 school.


  • He attained over 25% of NCEA1 (at least 22 out of 80 credits).
  • He completed his bit-part in the school musical.
  • He got cyber-bullied.


  • I’m 80% certain he will choose to come back to homeschooling next year.


  • He’s not failing the school system.
  • The school system is failing him.

3 thoughts on “Current Thoughts on Schooling”

  1. Schools will largely be a reflection of the culture that funds them, and is “administered ” by teachers on one side and parents on the other. If the culture is confused about concepts of absolute right and wrong, origins of mankind, and simply what’s important, then the students will ultimately be confused, for which some will see as a license to define their own moral code, and ultimately a definition of their god.


  2. And the play was brilliant, and Tane did a marvelous job of his part ! 😉
    Not sure what subjects he is taking, but guessing there is plenty of time and credits left to be gained in the year … if he even has half by the time he hits externals he should be fine.
    And its a decile 9.5 😉


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