Align Leaders Meeting

Lai Leng

  • Genesis 49: Jacob dies; Joseph is the child of blessing, the favoured one.
  • There is hope for us: God built a nation out of the 12 sons of Jacob.
  • Dysfunctionality is no barrier to service.


  • Interesting connections this week.
    • 1 Peter 3:15: Always be prepared to give a reasoned account for the hope we have within us. 
    • A reconnection with a former work colleague.
  • Young people, who leave home, 60% leave their faith. 
    • Because they haven’t been taught how to think through their faith for themselves. 
    • Therefore, at the meal table, ask your kids to explain why they believe in God.


  • Feeling disheartened with the reaction of the congregation during worship time – distracted by their distractedness (on their phones).
  • Joyce Meyer – not everybody is on the same level.  Have to be understanding of their foibles.  Try to help them through it.
  • Fiona – texting is an addiction.  They feel needed when they receive a msg.
  • Lai Leng – we may not be texting, but still distant.  It’s not just a youth phenomenon.


  • Management (at work and in the church) is herding cats;
    • Both are long-term projects;  Need to get all your ducks lined up in a row;  Lots of balls in the air at the same time;  Lots of plates spinning at the same time;
    • The junior guys have a shorter-term focus; The leaders should have a longer-term vision.
    • The key is to communicate the longer-term vision with enthusiasm.
  • Had two encounters with friends this week.
    • Sometimes our words come back to us; so better make sure my words have significance.
    • My demographic is not the typical one for Align.  Need to work on being relevant.


  • John 7:37 – streams of living water
    • There’s a difference between wanting a drink and being thirsty.  One is a higher level of need.
  • As we (as leaders) become fountains of the living water from Jesus,

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