Raging Fire Conference–Saturday Afternoon Workshop

Youth Ministry

Kristen Williams

  • Nelson
  • (Adult) Youth Pastor

Malachi 4:5-6

  • The purpose of Fathering (Parenting) is the establishment of identity.
  • Even the most secure individual on the face of the planet, heard a voice from heaven declare “this is My Son!”
  • You cannot establish security from a basis of insecurity.  Peers cannot establish identity.



  • Not flattery
  • Psalm 42 – Deep calls to deep.
  • 1 Corinthians 14:24-25
    • He will be convinced he is a sinner – conviction leading to repentance
    • The secrets of his heart will be laid bare – the gold in your heart.  Pull it out and work to make it happen.
  • You can’t build a new generation by criticizing the old.  Esteem what went before us.


  • One of the greatest threats to authentic Christian living is stereotypical Christian ministry focussed on Goals, Targets & KPIs.
  • You can’t fulfil an eternity purpose with a raft of non-eternal tools.
  • Goals are good; but not the first priority.  His plans are.
  • Don’t lower the bar in order to fill the seats.
  • Fear of man, results in fear to confront with the Truth.
  • Fear of losing the tithe, results in a wishy-washy message.

Eschatology = study of The Last Days

  • Chris Valeton vs. Mike Bickle
  • If you only drink from one stream, you won’t know what you believe.
  • You must decide for yourself where your beliefs lie.

One methodology

  • Teach your students what the cults believe.
  • Challenge your students to refute them.
  • Not recommended, but worthy of consideration.

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