Glory Streams

Speaker Pastor Deborah Ann Perez
Rhema Word The River Matters
Character General Naaman of Syria
Reference 2 Kings 5:1-9
Glossary Elisha means “the God of supplication” meaning you can ask Him for things.
Naaman means “to be pleasant”.  Unusual to speak so highly of a non-Israelite.
Anointing means “shiny from being rubbed with oil”
Jordan means “to descend” e.g. to go down.
Seven means a definite number but also completeness, and thus an indefinite number.
  • God can move through people, even in “non-Christian” environments like Syria.
    • Naaman’s leprosy was a serious problem. 
    • A terminal condition.
  • The Israelite slave-girl gave a powerful testimony that moved great men. 
    • She spoke a word of faith.
    • Wouldn’t it be great if people were to say of Align Church Taita, “I know God moves there”?
  • Most people aren’t against Jesus; they’re against Churchianity!
    • Even Muslim women have received prayer in His name.
    • And received healing!
  • A “messenger” brought the prophet’s words to Naaman. 
    • The name of the messenger, at that time, didn’t matter.
    • When we minister the Word, we don’t matter.
  • Naaman had it all worked out the way it should be done.
    • God’s way is not our way.
    • Naaman also had an anger management character flaw. 
    • This is the primary issue, not the leprosy.
  • Naaman came close to losing his miracle.
    • We have to be careful not to limit God.
    • The river matters – we have to do things God’s way.
  • Naaman missed it.
    • We need to be surrounded by people with servant hearts.
    • They caught it.
    • So we can be influenced towards righteousness.  (This was the original intended purpose of Church.)
  • Naaman was restored
    • He was restored to a child-like skin = physical.
    • He was restored to a child-like faith = spiritual.
  • Naaman was healed
    • He recognized he was not healed by any of the deities of Syria
    • He was honest to attribute it to the God of Israel
    • His heart attitude had improved, thus his healing was permitted by God.
  • Elisha accepted no reward
    • Unwilling to sully the Word of God with the riches of a pagan nation.
    • Gehazi attempted to steal the reward.
    • Gehazi ended up with the leprosy.
Summary Let’s press in until we get a hold of His glory!
His ways are not our ways.
Leaders can be wrong.  We can miss God.  We can sometimes think that any way (any river) will do.
We have to humble ourselves and accept that sometimes we over-complicate things.
He always has a plan.
Character flaws are strongholds in our life, holding us back from receiving God’s best.

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