1 Timothy 2





Wednesday 07-Mar-12

Pray for All Men

God desires all men to be saved

Love my enemies; pray for them and do not curse them.

Thursday 08-Mar-12

Men and Women in the Church

God desires women to learn!

There is a radical doctrine that women do not have souls of their own, taken from this verse. This is patently absurd.

Friday 09-Mar-12

Pray for leaders

God desires peace to reign

Insurrection is the sin of disagreeing with who God has placed in leadership over me.

Saturday 10-Mar-12

Pray with hands lifted

God desires enthusiastic followers

If I can cheer a rugby team, I should be free to cheer for God with the same passion.

Sunday 11-Mar-12

Pray for kings

God sets the times and places of all people – kings and followers

Are elections Biblical? Is government of the people by the people better than monarchy? I don’t know.

Monday 12-Mar-12

Paul’s inexperience with women

God can use anyone – even Paul – to build His Church

I can be as bright as Paul and still have blind-spots in my doctrine, like his about the role of women in the church.

Tuesday 13-Mar-12

Different types of prayers

God desires us to get involved and help others

Different prayer types = different personality types will have different strengths.


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