1 Timothy 1





Wednesday 29-Feb-12


God desires a loving relationship; God instructs me through His Word.

I get confirmation through my peers (e.g. Fiona, Russell). I mentor my children and some workmates.

Thursday 01-Mar-12

Forgiveness, Mercy & Grace

God is loving

Forgive, as I have been forgiven, especially my children.

Friday 02-Mar-12

Sound doctrine

God is interested in the heart attitude, not just the externals.

Understanding doctrine is paramount importance if I desire to teach it.

Saturday 03-Mar-12

Let nothing hinder the Gospel

God’s culture is supreme.

Whakapapa is good; but obedience is better.

Sunday 04-Mar-12

Grace is greater than Law

God is the Law Giver. He is Holy and Just. His miracles can overrule His laws.

My own desire to condemn men, I must curb, in order to extend the grace that I have been given.

Monday 05-Mar-12

We need to preach the Good News

God desire all to come to a saving knowledge.

My previous ignorance was a valid excuse for unbelief, provided I accepted the Truth when presented with it.

Tuesday 06-Mar-12

God alone is wise

God is eternal, immortal, invisible & wise.

My (and Paul’s) wisdom are as nothing compared to His.


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