Considering the Votes

I had a friend today challenge me to consider my vote.  This was my reply.

I just read a really interesting chapter in the book “Culture of Honor; Sustaining a Supernatural Environment” by Danny Silk.

A Framework for Understanding Poverty

by Ruby K. Payne, PhD


Middle Class





One of a kind objects, Pedigrees, Legacies


To be used, spent

To be managed

To be conserved, invested


Is for entertainment.  Sense of humour is highly valued.

Is for acquisition and stability.  Achievement is highly valued.

Is for connections.  Financial, political, social connections are highly valued.

Social Emphasis

Social inclusion of people they like.

Emphasis is on self-governance and self-sufficiency.

Emphasis on social exclusion.


Quantity most important.

Quality most important.

Presentation most important.


Individual style and expression of personality.

Quality and acceptance by peers, label important.

Artistic sense and expression, designer important.


Present most important.

Future most important.

Traditions and history


Valued as abstract but not as reality

Crucial for climbing success ladder and making money

Necessary tradition for making and maintaining connections


Believes in fate.  Powerless to change much

Believes in choice.  Power to change future with good decisions

Noblesse oblige





Family Structure



Whoever has the money






Conditional upon being liked

Conditional upon achievement

Conditional upon social standing and connections

Driving Force

Survival, relationships, entertainment

Work, achievement

Financial, political, social connections

You and I are Middle Class.  We focus on national politics because we see it as a means to improve the world.  To us, the greatest sin is to choose to not work (and become a drain on our taxes).  The book is convincing me that I should want to move to a wealth mentality (irrespective of income) so that I’m a conduit of God’s blessing to the world.

Anyway, my political thoughts are these:

  • I am constrained because I’m in the Southern Maori Electorate.  Last time, they didn’t stand a National or ACT or Kiwi Party rep there.  I ended up giving my party vote to ACT and my candidate vote to my sister Rahui (not that I particularly identify with the Maori Party, but thought it might do some good through connections).
  • I was originally excited by Dr Brash injecting some fresh ideas into ACT, but I don’t like where he’s taking it now.
  • I do not want Winston Peters back in.  If I can strategically vote any way possible to keep him out, I’d do it.
  • National is better than Labour, but they are Labour-Lite to me.
  • United Future, I’ve had to deal with my unforgiveness, but I won’t vote for Peter again.
  • I am intrigued by the Kiwi/Conservative Party merger.  I am persuaded that Christian parties cannot make it alone in NZ.  I am persuaded that the Conservatives support the majority of issues that I believe in.  They may not get in, but I support what they stand for.

As for party system:

  • MMP is clearer to me than STV;
  • FPP is not an option.




2 thoughts on “Considering the Votes”

  1. I read this and thing “Wow, wealthy people are dicks.” Seriously, how can a social emphasis on social exclusion, a family structure based on money, and love being conditional upon social standing and connections be good things? Or is this not what you mean by “move to a wealth mentality”?


    1. Sorry, I put out that table without any context, implying I agreed 100% with the wealth position. You are correct to remonstrate me on that point. I did not mean to imply that the wealth mentality is 100% the correct way to view the world. I should have explained I think that wealth mentality can help a person be more generous and have bigger dreams. The point is all people have strong and weak points.


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