Make disciples, don’t build the Church

Elim Service:

  • Senior Pastor Ric (not Mike) Knott
  • Wellington Elim
  • Sunday 2 October 2011

Things haven’t changed in over 10 years:

  • Wellington is like an unreached people group
  • 90-95% don’t have Jesus as their personal Saviour


  • Matthew 28:19 – Therefore go and make disciples of all nations
  • Matthew 16:18 – I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.


  • Stop hanging out with Christians so much
  • Go and make lots of non-Christian friends
  • Otherwise, you become a bit irrelevant to the people in the world

Focussing on connection

  • How do we make disciples?
  • Through life groups
  • e.g. sports groups, mothers groups, PTA, ethnic Dancing (Scottish Country, Israeli, etc), Bridge, skate boarding.
  • Personally: Dot Net User Group Meetings, WHEN, Facebook, office work, Grenada Village Residents Association.

Getting involved!

  • Heart – Ask God to break your heart for people.
  • Remember – It’s not about getting church people into cells; it’s about getting non-church people to Christ.

Life is better in Groups

  • Activity groups
  • Book/DVD groups
  • Mission groups
  • Prayer Groups
  • Starting Week of 23rd October and running for 7 weeks

Phoenix and Fellowship at The Grand – Activity Group

  • Welcome fellow Phoenix fans! 
  • Come meet with us to cheer on the Phoenix at The Grand in Courtenay Place.
  • We’ll be meeting whenever the Phoenix are playing, so times will change (location will not).  Meet others that love football as much as you do.

Adopt a street – Mission Group

  • Come out and be a part of a weekly mission group that seeks to share the love of Christ through serving those in need.  We’ll “adopt” a different project each week and help meet the needs of our community through these service projects. 
  • No experience or special skills required. 
  • Wed 5:30 to 7:30pm.

James Thinks

  • Interesting; can’t argue with any of that.
  • Ric was uncomfortable bringing this word.  He felt he might be accused of changing course, dictating, cajoling, potentially berating.  However, he felt it was a necessary word.
  • Go you good thing.

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